[dropcap] D [/dropcap] dark Chocolate can help reduce inflammation, increase energy and promote alertness, not only that but the serotonin also creates a ‘love-up’ feeling in our brain, it can even help us sleep too, so it’s no wonder we like it.


Let the rejoicing begin!  Eating a small chocolate bar every day helps fights exhaustion!  What?!  You mean chocolate is good for your health?  Absolutely! But not all chocolate, we mean dark chocolate with 85% plus of cacao content.


Scientists have discovered eating DARK chocolate (70 – 85% + cocoa) for 8 weeks helps to prevent chronic illness such as fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia leaves sufferers exhausted with neurological problems, but they can feel better after eating dark chocolate and it also promotes deeper restorative sleep, so can be taken an hour before bed. Imagine such benefits and healing health from chocolates!


Hangon , You did say chocolate didn’t you?  Yes!!!


Chocolate cravings are nothing new, but we’ve always been told chocolate is bad for you because it contains too much sugar.   However, dark chocolate with less sugar than milk chocolate and can make some improvements to your health.


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One woman claimed that by eating an ounce of cacao-rich chocolate every morning she was able to cure her fibromyalgia. She said it helped her with muscle pains, migraine headaches etc. and she was able to go off all her “fibro meds.” In fact, she was so convinced that natural cacao is very healthy she opened a chocolate shop dedicated to pure dark chocolate and their creative feasts.  After all, the Incans considered it the food of the Gods. She recommends eating a servings package of 85% cocoa dark chocolate, slowly, savoring the taste and making the most out of benefiting in the morning.


These days, there are dozens of choices, and you can spend hours poring over the cacao percentages and exotic provenances on the labels. You can pay a lot more, too. But does any of it really matter and how do you choose a good dark chocolate?


Darker chocolates, with higher cacao percentages are less sweet, but still probably located in the sweets aisle. The cacao percentage on the label of a dark chocolate bar is a total that includes both cocoa solids and cocoa butter—meaning that different chocolates can have different proportions of each and still share the 70-85% percent dark cacao designation.


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Does the chocolate with the most cacao butter make the best tasting chocolate?  Not always.  Sometimes, the lowest fat chocolate bars are the richest, creamy dark chocolate to savor. btw, there is a modern myth that all fats make us fat, but this is not true, natural saturated fats are essential for cellular energy, have a read this article which explains why ‘Why Saturated Fats Don’t Make Us Fat‘.


100g of dark Chocolate a day can deliver the required amount of 320 (women) – 420 (men) mg of Magnesium the body needs and can help by reducing inflammation, increasing energy and promoting alertness, but also if taken at night will help you sleep by providing the materials for the body to make melatonin in the pineal gland, essential for sleep as darkness increases.  Making your own dark chocolates can provide so many benefits and takes just 10 minutes and can help reduce migraines and even exhaustion! (see the recipe below)


Here’s why..

* Calcium and magnesium both can help to regulate your muscles.
* Cacao helps your body produce nitric oxide, which is important for blood flow and blood pressure, promoting a healthy blood flow.
* Cacao also contains many flavanoids, which are high antioxidant properties. These prevent wear-and-tear damage on your cells.  Also, the flavonols in cocoa prevent fat-like substances in the bloodstream from clogging arteries.
* Tryptophan and cannabinoids found in dark chocolate can also reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.
* The stimulants theobromine, caffeine, tyramine and phenylethylamine (PEA) in cocoa provide a individual with a much-needed lift.
* Dark Cacao may help this situation by stabilizing the nerve roots and repairing the nerves.
* Cacao is a natural anti-inflammatory. The cocoa is an antihistamine, which stops excess acid production in the  stomach. It also works on COX2 pathways, which does not affect the stomach.
* Cacao may also trigger the brain’s natural opiates, which can relieve pain and promote a feeling of  well-being.


Supercharge your Chocolate Making by adding JingThing herbs and Liver-Lung (NAC)Amino Acid


Jing Thing for Kidney Support

Our lives are like that of a candle, the wax is the Jing, the flame is Chi and the radiated light(love) is shen. Genetically we are given certain regenerative power, but when our Jing is used up, we die. The purpose of taking Chinese tonic herbs is to replenish the JING and QI and to stabilize our emotional body so that SHEN (spirit and love) may fully develop.  Jing is directly connected with the kidneys and adrenals. When we support our kidneys using ancient tonic herbs such as those in Jing Thing drink, with the chaga, eucommia, cistanche, ashwagandha, He Shou Wu, Rehmannia, Cat’s Claw and and Shilajit we replenish our life essence, our vitality.


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Jing has been called the “superior ultimate” treasure, even though in a healthy, glowing body the quantity is small. Jing existed before the body existed and this jing enters the body tissues and becomes the root of our body. When we keep jing within our body by preserving our sexual urges, our body will have vitality and vigor. If a person cares for the their jing, and does not spend it recklessly, it is very easy to enjoy a life of great longevity. Without jing energy, we cannot live. You can add a teaspoon of Jing Thing powder into your chocolate while it is melting in the bowl. Jing thing contains the following herbs..
Superfoods – Cacao, Cinnamon, Maca, Cacao Butter, Vanilla, Shilajit, Anardana
Tonic Herbs – He Shou Wu, Goji, Eucommia, Rehmannia, Cistanche, Cordyceps
Herbs – Chaga, Ashwagandha, Liquorice, Jujube and Cat’s Claw.


Liver-Lung Amino Acids: Antioxident

Liver-Lung (NAC) – N-Acetyl cysteine is an amazing anti-oxident, it is a highly available amino acid and is used by so many biological processes. It has been studied and found as an effective biofilm disruptor which helps prevent pathogenic bacteria from adhering to the gut lining. Liver-Lung (NAC) Inhibits FLU viral replication and may be more beneficial than a flu vaccine, it also helps with the formation of skin and hair and effects of alcoholic excess and significantly reduces depression.


Liver-Lung (NAC) has antibacterial properties and inhibition of inflammatory cytokine production which drives cancer cell replication. Liver-Lung (NAC) has been shown to be effective on several different bacterias, especially in upper respiratory infections. Liver-Lung (NAC) can help treat respiratory conditions by thinning mucus and increase immunity. May be especially useful for chronic bronchitis, bacterial overgrowth and h.pylori. NAC is coveted for its anti-aging properties, most likely due to its role in the substantial release of glutathione in the body which fights the cellular damage of oxidative stress, a key to fighting against aging. Not only this but Liver-Lung also develops the feelgood brain chemicals of Serotonin, Melatonin and Dopamine. a href=”http://werone.co/eng/product/liverlung-nac-combats-flu-mucus-and-detoxifies-60-capsules/” target=”_blank”>Here is a video explaining many of the benefits of N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC)


100g Bar of 70-85% Dark Chocolate (Morrisons, Tescos, Sainsbury, Asda)
6 x Brazil Nuts (for Selenium)
1 x Teaspoon of Jing Thing
2 x pcs Stem Ginger Sliced into 15
15 x Cranberries
3 x capsules of Liver-Lung Amino Acids (NAC) for Flu/Mucus reduction and amazing brain chemicals
Equipment: 2 x Silicon Chocolate Moulds, Glass Bowl and pan


1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler until smooth and glossy, but not hot.
2. Add the Jing Thing and Liver Lung capsule contents, stir well.
3. Pour the chocolate into a warmed jug.
4. Break the brazils and cut the ginger into smaller pieces and add with a cranberry in each mould
5. Allow the chocolate to set at room temperature, then when they are just about to set after about 10 mins, pop them in the fridge for five minutes to harden, don’t keep them there or they may turn white and become brittle.
6. Remove from the mould, then store them in airtight box and eat about 1/2 tray dark chocolate a day to get the  benefits!
Dark chocolate therapy works best in the morning after your herbal tea, or one hour before bedtime to promote melatonin production and sleep, avoid watching screens in that hour.


enjoy your guilt-free treats!


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