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[dropcap] T [/dropcap] this guy has magic in his hands and in his heart. Here are more songs played by elusive Haarpist Victor Santal. Sadly I can’t tell you much about Victor, he isn’t a well known musician, it’s hard to get something personal about this mysterious man but here is Victor’s Facebook Page and his ensemble’s fan page to inform future concerts and events.

Victor SantalG


Victor Santal – Nothing else matters


What I can say is that he plays his music during some afternoons in the royal palace of Madrid (Spain), that’s the place he is playing in the videos you are seeing in this article. His music and show is so authentic and pure that sometimes he is interrupted by things “that happens” like the sound of police cars, for example.


As far as I know Victor sells a CD with his music while playing, we don’t have it but as far as I know its quite well recorded with good quality music and well, looks like it’s a well edited CD.

Download Victor’s Music Below as MP3

If you scroll down to the bottom login you can download a zip file with a few of his songs from the youtube videos.


Harp set part I (Palacio Real, Madrid 23.07.2011)


Harp set part II(Palacio Real, Madrid 23.07.2011)


Harp set part III(Palacio Real, Madrid 23.07.2011)


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Victor Santal – Watching Laura (Palacio Real, Madrid 23.07.2011)


Victor Santal – La marcha de Brian Boru


Victor Santal – Sala Copérnico, Madrid (2014)

Download some of Victor’s music, this is a zipped file of some MP3’s by signing up to werone.

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