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[dropcap] N [/dropcap]never fear those who run around trying to destroy your character behind your back.

It is a very very powerful thing for you because not only does it reveal the fact that somebody else fears you so much, they feel the need to physically put effort in to try and take away your power but it also shows the hold you have over their daily life, and how much more powerful you are than them.

As far as running you down to others goes, those who are worth having in your life will always come and ask your opinion and give you a chance to defend yourself, or maybe just ignore these bitter fear based individuals.
If those people you thought were friends, choose to believe what they hear without giving you chance to defend yourself, then they were never friends in the first place, and we’re always looking for a reason to go against you.

This is a very empowering truth that will make you stronger.

It removes any energy transfer that may have otherwise taken place.

Remember my video on energy transfer

by Kai Bowman


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