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[dropcap] T [/dropcap] the truth about the routine breast screening program. The film every woman needs to see. Presented by Carole Malone, this documentary takes a factual look at mammography and its use in the medical field. Its aim is to create debate and conversation on over-treatment, patient choice, and medical research.

What’s it all about?
The biggest catastrophe in women’s health is taking place right now, right before our eyes. Healthy women all over the world have been disfigured, dis empowered and brainwashed into believing that their beautiful nurturing breasts have only one objective… to kill them. Here we have the whole film for you in 3 parts after the trailer.

To rent the film visit: http://thepromisefilm.net/ or on Vimeo for £5


Trailer (4 mins)


The Promise: Part 1 (23 mins)


The Promise: Part 2 (22 mins)


The Promise: Part 3 (15 mins)

Presented by Carole Malone
Produced by Phil Hughes
Directed by Hambi

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