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[dropcap] T [/dropcap] he strategy of confusion from Governments financing opposite pressure groups in order to stop the opposition having a clear focus of attack while siphoning BILLIONS from the public purse and into their pockets through Quantitative Easing’s injection of worthless ‘fake’ money, is happening right now and few people can see it!

“One moment Surkov would fund civic forums and human-rights NGOs, the next he would quietly support nationalist movements that accuse the NGOs of being tools of the West. With a flourish he sponsored lavish arts festivals for the most provocative modern artists in Moscow, then supported Orthodox fundamentalists, dressed all in black and carrying crosses, who in turn attacked the modern-art exhibitions. The Kremlin’s idea is to own all forms of political discourse, to not let any independent movements develop outside of its walls. Its Moscow can feel like an oligarchy in the morning and a democracy in the afternoon, a monarchy for dinner and a totalitarian state by bedtime.” ~ Adam Curtis



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