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This is a great video from Matt Reis summarising an EBV protocol he has been successfully following:

[dropcap] W [/dropcap]ith supplements for EBV, it all depends on who you are and how sensitive you are. A few drops might actually work for you. But if you’re really into supplements and can do more of them, it’s good to get a balance going in the beginning and stay committed to maybe 7 or less supplements without making things too complicated, and to not be afraid of higher doses if you can handle it. (children should always be given much lower doses)

Of course different people are different, so some might feel more comfortable with lower doses, for example if they have kidney disease it might be a good idea to take things low and slow for a while. But know that these suggested doses in the below are nothing at all “drastic.” They’re typical, and you can take them together in water. Remember also to periodically juice cucumber to help flush toxins out of the body and support the kidneys” ~ Matt


2. Cat’s Claw (non-alc)
3. Liquorice Root (non-alc)
4. Lemon Balm (non-alc)
5. B12BIACTIVE (B12 Methylcobalamin / Adenosylcobalamin)
6. Melatonin (MelMagic™ with Lemon Balm)
7. Mega-Metal Detox (with Dulse)
8. EBVMagic™ (New) (with Monolaurin, Transfer Factor, Lemon Balm, Zinc & Herbal Extracts)
(see below for suggested dosages)

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Alcohol Free Cat’s Claw (do not take if pregnant or trying to conceive): 3 to 4 dropper fulls in water twice a day (also great for UTIs and frequent urination problems, you can up the dose to knock it out quickly)

Alcohol Free Licorice Root: 3 to 4 dropper fulls in water twice a day

Liquid ZiNCBIACTIVE: 2 to 3 dropper fulls in water twice a day

L-Lysine: 2,000 to 3,000 mg twice a day

Lemon Balm: 1 to 2 dropper fulls before bed, 1 dropper full in the morning. 4 to 6 dropper fulls for high anxiety relief

B12BIACTIVE: 3 sprays under the tongue per day, first thing AM (1 hour away from breakfast)

Heavy Metal Detox (comprising; Hawaiian Spirulina, Barley Grass juice, Wild Blueberry & Dulse, essential to consume at least some of these ingredients in one way or another, smoothie or no smoothie, but all together they have great heavy metal detoxing power). Don’t forget ALA too.

Melatonin: (MelMagic™) 10mg Try 1 capsule before bed and work up from there. If 1 capsule is too much, try emptying half of it into water.

Lugols Iodine: Start low, 1 drop a day on the tongue, and work up from there.

Silver Hydrosol: As recommended on the bottle (destroys EBV)

Monolaurin: As recommended on the bottle (destroys EBV)

Ester C: As recommended on the bottle

California Poppy(Caps or Tincture): As recommended on the bottle (calms nerves)

IMPORTANT! Don’t forget that it’s also very important to mop up your system with Hawaiian Spirulina (see below). You can get the 225g bag and add it to your smoothies. Matt uses one or two tablespoons, though you can add less if you like. What’s important is that you remain consistent. It really helps pull heavy metals and other toxins out of the digestive tract, and hence out of your body by preventing them from being recirculated. When your liver starts detoxing, extra toxins will be released into the digestive tract as well, so it’s very important to mop it all up. The best way to take Hawaiian Spirulina in my opinion is by making the heavy metal detox smoothie. ~ Matt

See ours here: MegaMetalDetox (Dulse Version)

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