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[dropcap] A [/dropcap] a top German Journalist and Editor Dr. Udo Ulfkotte has gone public and exposed how many western journalists write fake articles with a pro European and/or U.S slant.



He claims that the German secret service actually wrote an article and asked him to put his name to it, which he agreed to do and the article was published world wide in a number of Newspapers and journals. The article in question relates to Libya and the building of a chemical plant, by Gadaffi.


He also said that the CIA would steer a number of journalists down a certain route in order to push their agenda which he says is endemic in Germany and the U.K, but also goes on in most countries that are allied to the U.S.


The video isn’t too long but worth watching as he seems legitimate and wanting to expose what is actually going on in the western media. Although he has just written a book on the subject (Bought Journalists) and is obviously looking to make some money from this he reckons he isn’t, why shouldn’t he have his time paid for anyway?


Although these claims do not come as a complete surprise, it does confirm what quite a number of people have been suggesting for a long time.

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