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[dropcap] T [/dropcap] the master asks the questions, the slave answers… Danny Shine’s latest video outside of the Body Shop in London. How to deal with the police who invade your space.

You don’t need a megaphone really, but the reason questioning works is because Policing in UK Corporation is still by Consent. So hidden within their great show of alleged ‘authority’ is the universal principle of ‘consent’, which is another term for ‘Contract’.

Every approach by the Police to you is an offer of contract, which means that you are free to decline or at least ask for their proof of claim, their claim that they have ANY authority over you. The simple reason is that ‘we’ as the next thing to God, are far greater than any Corporation or Government because we are the creators of them, they actually derive their authority from us, they only exist on paper, we exist as living breathing divine men and women, so if we don’t wish to consent, we don’t have to.



And another great video from the Tube with Danny Shine




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