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Rectahib – Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Tumor Suppository (10 – 30 Pack)

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Rectal cancer is the growth of abnormal cancerous cells in the lower part of the colon that connects the anus to the large bowel. Rectal cancer develops usually over years; its actual cause is not known, but risk factors include increasing age (over 50), smoking, family history, high-fat diet, or a history of polyps or colorectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease.

The major symptom of rectal cancer is bleeding from the rectum; other symptoms include anemia, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness and/or a fast heartbeat, bowel obstruction, small diameter stools, and weight loss.

RECTAHIB™ Bullet suppositories are used to directly dissolve the tumours which it comes into contact with. So this is only really useful for cell mutations which are located in the beginning area of the rectum as it opens out to the descending colon.

They are intended to work by inducing colon cancer cell apoptosis, inhibiting cell proliferation and tumor angiogenesis. Additionally they are very easily inserted in seconds and take effect over a few hours while you sleep. 


Caution: Avoid using Rectal suppositories after rectal surgery.


Diagram shows the connection of the liver to the rectum via the inferior mesenteric vein.

RECTAHIB™ Antineoplastic Bullets are best used just before bedtime so it is active during sleep. They contain safe ingredients and may be used frequently.

RECTAHIB™ Bullet implant Suppositories are made with Organic Cacao Butter  which melts very easily and provide similar results to IV methods of administration (achieving about 70% to 80% absorption rate compared to IV) since the ingredients in the suppository are absorbed by the wall of the rectum and carried straight into the systemic circulation (circumventing the entero-hepatic portal system where ingredients are broken down in the liver).

Rectal absorption could be also compared to transdermal (through the skin) absorption due to the anatomy of the rectum that is part of the skin.

RECTAHIB™ Bullets have an Organic Cacao Butter binder and are loaded with Curcumin,  Boswellia Serrata Extract (65% Boswellic Acid), Cinnamon, Artemisia Annua, Butein Extract (Rhus Verniciflua Stokes), Berberine (Coptis Chinensis), Astaxanthin, DIM/sulforaphane, Vitamin C & Niacin, Melatonin (8mg) & Coral Calcium minerals.


RECTAHIB™ Bullet ingredients further explained. (copy text is largely from studies)

Artemesia Annua (Qing Hao)

In limited studies, Artemesinin found within the herb Artemisia annua targets and kills tumor cells while healthy cells are unaffected. Although initial study results are still in the earliest stages, the results are promising. Artemisinin creates pro-oxidant effects when it comes into contact with cells that exhibit high levels of iron.

Although anti-oxidant effects are generally what yield positive health, there are specific instances where oxidation is actually beneficial. Researchers are now looking at specific compounds that provide pro-oxidant effects and Artemisinin seems to fit the bill.

When in the presence of iron, the two oxygen atoms in Artemisinin break down. In turn, selective free radicals are produced that destroy the iron that’s found in both tumor cells and malaria parasites. Basically, once Artemisinin comes into contact with iron, it produces free radicals that specifically target and damage tumor cells.

Read more on Artemisia here


Astaxanthin  (ATX), isone of the most common carotenoids, is widely distributed in the red pigment of shrimp, salmon, crab and asteroidean [,]. In 1987, ATX was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) as a feed additive for use in the aquaculture industry. And in 1999, it was approved for use as a dietary supplement (nutraceutical) []. ATX shows more powerful anti-oxidative property than other carotenoids, such as canthaxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin and β-carotene []. The two oxygenated groups on each ring structure is responsible for its enhanced anti-oxidant features (Figure 1) []. It has been suggested that ATX could protect against neurotoxin or oxidative stress-induced damage both in vivo and in vitro

In addition to its potent anti-oxidative effects, evidence suggests that ATX has anti-tumorsefficacy in multiple types of tumors, including oral tumors [], bladder carcinogenesis [], colon carcinogenesis [,], leukemia [] and hepatocellular carcinoma [,]. The anti-cancer effects of ATX are reportedly attributed to its effects on the pathological process of tumor cells through a variety of pathways including apoptosis, inflammation and cell junction. .


Boswellia Serrata (Indian Frankincense)
Boswellic acid  has been shown to inhibit growth and metastasis of human colorectal cancer in orthotopic mouse model by
downregulating inflammatory, proliferative, invasive and angiogenic biomarkers. The anti-inflammatory effects are due to noncompetitive inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase, the key enzyme in biosynthesis of leukotrienes that play a major role in inflammatory disease. Because of the low toxicity, the acids can be given orally or intrarectally in a high dose. (source)

Boswellia Serrata contains acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA), it is derived from the gum resin of the Boswellia serrata known as Salai guggal or Indian frankincense. Traditionally, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat proinflammatory conditions. The below report hypothesized that AKBA can affect the growth and metastasis of colorectal cancer (CRC) in orthotopically implanted tumors in nude mice. They found that the oral administration of AKBA (50-200 mg/kg) dose-dependently inhibited the growth of CRC tumors in mice, resulting in decrease in tumor volumes than those seen in vehicle-treated mice without significant decreases in body weight. In addition, they observed that AKBA was highly effective in suppressing ascites and distant metastasis to the liver, lungs and spleen in orthotopically implanted tumors in nude mice.

When examined for the mechanism, they found that markers of tumor proliferation index Ki-67 and the microvessel density cluster of differentiation (CD31) were significantly downregulated by AKBA treatment. They also found that AKBA significantly suppressed nuclear factor-KB (NF-KB) activation in the tumor tissue and expression of proinflammatory (cyclooxygenase-2), tumor survival (bcl-2, bcl-xL, inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP-1) and survivin), proliferative (cyclin D1), invasive (intercellular adhesion molecule 1 and matrix metalloproteinase-9) and angiogenic C-X-C (CXC) receptor 4 and vascular endothelial growth factor) biomarkers. When examined for serum and tissue levels of AKBA, a dose-dependent increase in the levels of the drug was detected, indicating its bioavailability. Thus, their findings suggest that this boswellic acid analog can inhibit the growth and metastasis of human CRC in vivo through downregulation of cancer-associated biomarkers.

AKBA inhibits the expression of NF-KB and NF-KB-regulated gene products in CRC samples. (A) Electrophoretic mobility shift assay analysis showed the inhibition of NF-KB by AKBA in nuclear extracts from animal tissue. (B) Western blot showing that AKBA inhibited the expression of NF-?B-dependent gene products that regulate proliferation (cyclin D1 and COX-2), invasion (ICAM-1 and MMP-9), metastasis (CXCR4), and angiogenesis (VEGF). AKBA inhibits the expression of antiapoptotic gene products such as IAP-1, Bcl-xL, Bcl-2, and survivin in CRC tissues.


Sulforaphane & DIM
The induction of double-strand breaks (measured by γH2AX immunofluorescence) increased after sulforaphane treatment of tumor cells, but failed to effect noncancer controls. Collectively, this evidence suggests that sulforaphane may also compromise DNA repair mechanisms in cancer cells with selectivity.

The indole, 3,3′-diindolylmethane (DIM) also derived from cruciferous vegetables has been shown to have cytostatic mechanisms in human colon cancer cell lines . In this same study, sulforaphane (10 μM) in combination with DIM (10 μM) resulted in strong G2/M cell cycle arrest, which was not observed with either compound alone.



Niacin (B3) with Vitamin C

A research team at Yenepoya University, India including Dr. Sudheer Shenoy, Dr. Bipasha Bose, Utsav Sen, Debajit Chaudhury and Muhammad Nihad have shown for the first time the opposing effects of the low and high dose of vitamin C and vitamin B3 on colon cancer stem cells isolated from certain colorectal carcinoma cell lines.   They found that high doses of Niacin and Vitamin C involving PPARγ pathway and oxidative stress induced killing of colon cancer stem cells.

Your colon actually has niacin receptors built into it. These receptors actively look for the niacin you put in your body. They attract it like a magnet. Once there, the niacin can stop the inflammation that leads to polyp growth and cancer.

Getting enough niacin may be more important to your colon health than fibre. Even if you were to take all the fibre out of your diet, niacin can still stop inflammation in the colon.

Apple Pectin

Butyrate plays a major role among the short-chained fatty acids formed by the microbial flora of the colon. It is considered to be an important nutrient of the colon mucosa and has been shown to trigger differentiation and apoptosis of colon-derived cells in culture. Inhibition of histone deacetylase (HDAC) seems to play a central role in these effects. Butyrate was thus suggested to act as a chemopreventive metabolite that can prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer, one of the most abundant types of cancer in Western industrialized countries. Some polymeric carbohydrates such as pectin, resistant to digestion in the small intestine, have been shown to serve as substrates for butyrate formation by the microflora of the colon.  Fermentation supernatants with pectin were rich in butyrate and very active in HDAC inhibition in nuclear extracts prepared from the colon tumor cell lines HT-29 and Caco-2 and in intact HeLa Mad 38 cells bearing a reporter gene driven by HDAC inhibition. The butyrate levels explained most of the HDAC-inhibitory potency in  fermentation supernatants from pectin-rich fermentations. It may be prudent to also take apple pectin orally to ensure the whole colon receives this nutrient.



Berberine  (Coptis Chinensis)
Consistent with other researchers’ observation of a close association between activated
COX-2/PGE2 and JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathways in prostate, lung cancers and cholangiocarcinoma
, it has been discovered, in human CRC tissues, higher amount of COX-2 and pSTAT3,
which significantly correlated with each other, and overall both were associated with higher degree of tumor invasiveness and metastasis.
Study: Berberine Inhibits Invasion and Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer Cells via COX-2/PGE2 Mediated JAK2/STAT3 Signaling Pathway (PDF)


Butein Extract from Rhus verniciflua stoke (RVS)
Toxicodendron vernicifluum (formerly Rhus verniciflua), also known by the common name Chinese lacquer tree, is an Asian tree species of genus Toxicodendron (formerly Rhus) native to China and the Indian subcontinent, and cultivated in regions of China, Korea and Japan.  Butein (2′,3,4,4′-tetrahydroxychalcone), a simple chalcone derivative, is a plant polyphenol/ chalcone isolated from the stems of Rhus verniciflua Stokes and may be a major biologically active component. It exhibits promising anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antinephritic, antithrombin, anti-angiogenic and hepatoprotective activities in various animal models. Although this molecule is endowed with an impressive list of biological properties, which have acted as scientific support for its commercialization, there are no review articles that coherently discuss various aspects of this chalcanoid.

In view of the oriental medicine, mass or nodule is resulted from Qi and Blood stagnation. The development of a tumor could be interpreted as Qi Stagnation induced by stress, emotional disturbances, or external factors which could progress into Blood stagnation or stasis [2].

Traditionally Rhus verniciflua stoke (RVS) (Butein extract) was considered to have the function of breaking up blood stasis and purging hardness [3]. Therefore, it could be applied for cancer treatment. RVS of the Anacardiaceae family, commonly known as the lacquer tree, was documented to be used for treating various stomach diseases, including tumor in East Asia including Korea at the 15th century [4, 5]. Recently several experimental studies showed that flavonoids from RVS have effective anti-proliferative and apoptotic activities on various tumor cell lines including human lymphoma, breast cancer, osteosarcoma, and transformed hepatoma cells [47].

From July 2006 to November 2007, patients with conventional chemotherapy refractory metastatic Coloraectal Cancer (CRC) were checked. After fulfilling inclusion/exclusion criteria, 36 patients were eligible for the final analysis. Overall survival and adverse events of patients treated with RVS in the aftercare period were determined. The median RVS administration period was 2.7 months. The median overall survival for the entire population was 10.9 months (95% confidence interval, 5.6–16.1) and 1-year survival rate was 44.4%, which is compatible with external controls. By survival analysis using Cox proportional hazards model, the performance status and the prior chemotherapy regimen number significantly affected overall survival.


Cacao Butter Benefits
As with all raw cacao products, cacao butter in particular has a chocolate aroma.
Contain vitamins (including vitamin C)
Contains minerals (including iron, chromium, anandamide, theobromine, manganese, zinc and copper)
Contains fibre and essential fatty acids (including omega-6 fatty acids)
Contains virtually no caffeine
Contains PEA (phenylethylamine), tryptophan and serotonin.

The cacao beans are incredibly pure and contain no mycotoxins, fungi or yeasts. Certified organic by “Organic Farmers & Growers”, the UK’s leading government accredited organic certification body


Suggested Usage:

RECTAHIB™ Bullet implants are recommended every other evening for the first weeks for a “slow start”, and one every evening afterward that time at bedtime.

Close attention should be paid to any signs of Tumor Lysis where Tumors might break down too quickly due to uric acid increase overloading the kidneys. If this happens lower usage and hydrate well, eating 30+ Black Cherries , good hydration, charcoal and other compounds such as NAC, ALA and Vitamin C to chaparone the ammonia and debris out of the body to reduce the effects of uric acid.

Directions: Cut open the plastic wrapping and remove an implant, it will self lubricate for easier insertion if you hold the tip briefly and it will start to melt, then insert it gently into the rectum past the sphincter muscles with your finger (use the supplied finger-sock for hygienic insertion) try not to empty your bowels overnight (or for a few hours).

When in bed lie the relevant side which will help the melted bullet to come into contact with the tumor area. You may also find it useful to tilt the foot of the bed up by a few inches to help the liquid from the RECTAHIB™  move up the colon. For increased dosage, TWO RECTAHIB™ Bullets may be used at the same time. If resting and sleeping during the day, you may also use RECTAHIB™ to increase the amount of exposure of the RECTAHIB™ ingredients on tumors.

To Use: Cut open the plastic wrapping and remove an implant, it will self lubricate for easier insertion if you hold the tip briefly and it will start to melt, use the supplied finger-sock for hygienic insertion then insert it gently into the rectum past the sphincter muscles as deeply as possible with your finger.

  • the suppository will self lubricate  for easier insertion if you warm in the hand briefly, it will start to melt
  • insert it gently into the rectum past the sphincter muscles with your finger (use the supplied finger-sock for hygienic insertion)
  • do daily high intensity, intermittent bouts of exercises to improve blood and lymph circulation (and spike your HGH levels), such as using a rebounder.



Quality Assurance Declaration

Werone.co endeavors to use the most potent source materials within our formulas. Our herbal extracts are sourced and tested by the only Government-certified large scale producer of crude herb (powder-free) TCM concentrates in Asia who manufacture to GMP / ISO 9001/2000 pharmaceutical grade and also operate an ISO17025/TAF-certified laboratory where they subject all plant extracts to strict quality inspections free from heavy metals, pesticides or microbes before release to the clinics all over the world. The formulas and tinctures are assembled without fillers in small batches by a BHMA member herbal dispensary.


Nutraceutical Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or MHRA and the items are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease nor are they associated, endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by Anthony William, Medical Medium® Joe Tippens, Jane McLelland or Jim Gordon.


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