Berberine 98% HCL (Antiviral, Antiglycemic) Vcaps


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Berberine has been shown to stimulate apoptosis, suppress tumor cell growth and arrest cell cycle.  Studies also stressed the actions of berberine in inhibiting tumor cell invasion and angiogenesis, it is also antiviral (ERBB2).

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*Note: Our Berberine HCL is from Chinese Phellodrendron Amurense (cork tree).

Berberine has been shown to stimulate apoptosis, suppress tumor cell growth and arrest cell cycle.  Studies also stressed the actions of berberine in inhibiting tumor cell invasion, viral activity, parasites and angiogenesis. This item is pure Berberine HCL is 98% and isolated from Phellodrendron Amurense bark.

Berberine is a yellow-colored alkaloid compound found in several different plants, including European barberry, goldenseal, golden thread (Coptis Chinensis), Oregon grape and from the cork tree Phellodrendron Amurense.

Berberine has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and immune-enhancing properties. It’s effective against a wide range of bacteria, protozoa, and fungi. It can be used topically on cuts and other wounds, and it’s perhaps most commonly used to treat gastrointestinal issues, including traveller’s diarrhea and that from food poisoning.

Findings of these studies have shown definitive or likely benefits for a very wide range of serious health ailments, including:

  • Anti-aging
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal infections (SIBO, Crohns, Parasites )
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • PCOS (study)
  • Alzheimers
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Immune challenges
  • Joint problems
  • Low bone density
  • Weight control

However, what newer research is uncovering (and what traditional medicine has likely known for centuries) is that the benefits of berberine extend far beyond its antimicrobial properties. As reported in the Natural Medicine Journal:

“In recent years, the botanical extract berberine has been pushed from relative obscurity to front and center on our supplement shelves due to newly published research. Over a third of the approximately 2,800 studies on Berberine listed on PubMed were published in the last 5 years. These studies reveal that berberine may have clinical applications in a range of conditions.”


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Berberine (98% pure)

Berberine has been proven to stimulate apoptosis, suppress tumor cell growth and arrest cell cycle [3, 4]. Studies also stressed the actions of berberine in inhibiting tumor cell invasion and angiogenesis [5,6]. The molecular targets of berberine’s antitumor activity include p53, AKT,  AMPK, MAPK, STAT3 and NFκB, which can monitor the cell cycle, apoptosis, tumor angiogenesis, and invasion [7]. Berberine also suppresses the activation of some cell growth factor receptors such as EGFR, ERBB2, and VEGF [8].

AMPK Activation: How Berberine May Benefit Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and More
In order to understand berberine, and why it is now vying for a position as one of the most powerful supplements in the world, it’s important to understand adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, or AMPK (AMP Activated protein kinase).


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AMPK is an enzyme inside your body’s cells. It’s sometimes called a “metabolic master switch” because it plays an important role in regulating metabolism.2 According to the Natural Medicine Journal:3

“AMPK induces a cascade of events within cells that are all involved in maintaining energy homeostasis, AMPK regulates an array of biological activities that normalise lipid, glucose, and energy imbalances.

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) occurs when these AMPK-regulated pathways are turned off, triggering a syndrome that includes hyperglycemia, diabetes, lipid abnormalities, and energy imbalances.

AMPK helps coordinate the response to these stressors, shifting energy toward cellular repair, maintenance, or a return to homeostasis and improved likelihood of survival.

The hormones leptin and adiponectin activate AMPK. In other words, activating AMPK can produce the same benefits as exercise, dieting, and weight loss—the lifestyle modifications considered beneficial for a range of maladies.

One way to appreciate berberine’s potential is to think of it as having the same effect on a patient as increasing exercise while at the same time restricting calorie intake. Think of the effects of AMPK suppression as similar to those of eating a high-calorie diet while leading a very sedentary lifestyle.”

Berberine is one of the few compounds known to activate AMPK (Resveratrol, Curcumin & EGCG are others).

If you’re interested in a broad-based plant compound to support your health, considering taking berberine. Work with a natural health care practitioner to determine the proper dose. Because of its short half-life, you generally need to take this supplement three times a day to keep stable levels in your blood. Many studies use dosages of 900 to 1,500 mg per day, which might be broken down into 500 mg three times a day before meals.
Berberine may just be one of those supplements that is good for almost everything!

Berberine significantly improves glucose tolerance and insulin action, lowering HbA1c levels in people who are obese and/or have metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes.17-19 The recommended dose of berberine HCl is 400 to 500 mg two to three times a day.


Berberine Ingredients per Vegan Capsule
Berberine Hydrochloride (98%)(†)(from Phellodrendron Amurense) 400mg *
Other ingredients: HPMC Hypromellose (vegetable capsule), zero fillers, (†) Organic, * Daily value not established

Suggested Usage

Suggested Usage:
Berberine should be taken with a meal, or shortly after, to take advantage of the blood glucose and lipid spike that comes with eating a meal,Adults take 1 x 500mg capsules 2-3x / day, take 1 to 2 weeks off every 6 weeks. High doses of berberine taken acutely may cause stomach upset, cramping and/or diarrhoea, which is another good reason to take berberine in multiple doses throughout the day. If you are on blood pressure lowering medication, ensure you check with your health practioner before taking berberine.


Quality Assurance Declaration

Lab-Tested endeavors to use the most potent source materials within our formulas. Our herbal extracts are sourced and tested by the only Government-certified large scale producer of crude herb (powder-free) TCM concentrates in Asia who manufacture to GMP / ISO 9001/2000 pharmaceutical grade and also operate an ISO17025/TAF-certified laboratory where they subject all plant extracts to strict quality inspections free from heavy metals, pesticides or microbes before release to the clinics all over the world. The formulas and tinctures are assembled without fillers in small batches by a BHMA member herbal dispensary.


Nutraceutical Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or MHRA and the items are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease nor are they associated, endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by Anthony William, Medical Medium® Joe Tippens, Jane McLelland or Jim Gordon.


Clinical Studies:
Berberine inhibits EGFR signaling and enhances the antitumor effects of EGFR inhibitors in gastric tumors

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