Immune Magic™ – Medicinal Mushroom Complex


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Immune Magic™ combines polysaccharide-rich extracts from three mushrooms; Antrodia, Reishi, Cordyceps plus Panax Ginseng together in a powerful adaptogenic formula aimed at enhancing the immune system.

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Immune Magic™ combines polysaccharide-rich extracts from three mushrooms; Antrodia, Reishi, Cordyceps plus Panax Ginseng together in a powerful adaptogenic formula aimed at enhancing the immune system.

Cordyceps has a profoundly energising effect on different aspects of the body, at least some of which may be accounted for by its ability to stimulate in-vivo corticosterone production. It also contains a diverse array of secondary metabolites including nucleoside derivatives. Immune-modulating mushroom polysaccharides help to support the immune system.

Cordyceps and Reishi also supply betulinic acid derivatives, ganoderic and lucidenic acids.

Ginseng has both been shown to reinforce the benefits of mushroom polysaccharides while Cordyceps’ nucleoside derivatives and triterpenoid compounds from Antrodia (betulinic acid derivatives) and Reishi (ganoderic and lucidenic acids) contribute to the all-round support offered by this combination..

Immune Magic™ is manufactured and grown in the USA on sterile grain-based substrate and is optimized to maximise substrate conversion and hence mycelial production.

Immune Magic™ is suitable for vegetarians and vegans (capsules are of plant origin). No additives are used and the products are dairy, gluten, maize and soya-free.

Unique Benefits for Different Types of Mushrooms

Here are the major types of disease-fighting mushrooms you should try to regularly include in your diet for their protective, immune-enhancing effects:



Reishi mushrooms have been used for thousands of years as a way to fight chronic disease. Today, we know from scientific studies that they’re in fact capable of doing what the Chinese have always speculated they could: fighting inflammation, cancer, heart disease,  hormonal imbalances, neuro-degenerative problems, mood disorders and more.

Reishi mushrooms, a type of bitter, woody fungi, are known as one of the top natural superfoods in existence. Reishi mushrooms are a type of powerful adaptogen that help the body deal with stress, whether physical or psychological, so they’re a natural remedy for anxiety.

When taken in tincture, capsule or tablet form, they have the unique ability to increase energy and also bring on a feeling of calm at the same time, making them an all-around mood booster and “brain food.” They can help heal adrenal fatigue and are sometimes called the “medicine of kings” because they can improve memory and concentration while also helping bust stress and facilitate restful sleep.

How do reishi mushrooms do so much? Their beta-glucans increase the immune system’s T-cell levels, which means they help lower inflammatory responses caused by stress, stimulants, a poor diet or other environmental factors. This is especially beneficial for people suffering from immune disorders or adrenal or chronic fatigue.

This immune boost that you receive from reishi mushrooms can help reduce cancer cell growth and the spread of tumors, but that’s not all — they also contain ganoderic acids that lower cholesterol, triglyceride levels and blood pressure, as well as reduce the risk of blood clots and even help correct heart arrhythmia. Reishi’s also contain lanostan, an antihistamine that can act as a natural arthritis cure and also soothe muscle aches.


Fresh shiitake mushrooms

Antrodia camphorata extracts from its fruiting bodies, mycelium and cultivation filtrate showed multiple cancer preventive and anti-inflammatory activities. Triterpenes are considered to be potential anti-tumor agents due to activity against growing tumors, they have direct cytotoxicity against tumor cells rather than to normal cells.[R]

In addition, these extracts provide a variety of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory active secondary metabolites and polysaccharides. Of particular promise, due to their potent cytotoxic activity against a number of cancer cell lines, are the triterpenoids with ketonic functional groups. In fact, these triterpenoids, which have also been found in a small number of other mushrooms, are currently under active investigation as potential therapeutic leads [R]. Because the antioxidant action is also a means of lowering chronic anti-inflammatory action, A. camphorata hold potential in functional food approaches aimed at normalizing metabolic syndrome. The pathways with which Antrodia camphorata acts upon are very extensive, the most extensive we’ve ever seen from a mushroom, even chemotherapy drugs usually only often act on one to 4 pathways at the most, Antrdoia camphorata  acts upon around 33. It also acts upon the 4 major pathways in cancer cell metastasis, the transcription, proliferation, angiogenesis and migration and without affecting healthy stem cells. The below diagram shows the functions governing the programmed death of a cell known as apoptosis.



Chinese medecine cordyceps mushrooms

These are sometimes known as anti-aging mushrooms since they can help increase stamina and endurance due to their ability to help the body produce ATP, the primary fuel our bodies run on. In fact, in Chinese folk medicine they’re known to be “invigorants” and believed to act as a gentle stimulant, a tonic and an adaptogen used to increase energy and reduce fatigue.

They also act as protectors of mitochondria by scavenging reactive oxygen species, inhibiting mitochondrial swelling and increasing the activities of antioxidant substances, which makes them a natural anti-aging food. ([R])

Similar to reishi mushrooms, numerous studies find that cordyceps mushrooms can help as a natural cancer remedy by inhibiting cancer cell division and growth. Cordyceps interfere with how cancer cells make proteins and stop metastatic spread of cancerous tumors. They’re usually hard to find fresh, so look for them dried or in capsule or tablet form.

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng, generally the root of Panax ginseng , has been used in Oriental medicine and is now used widely around the world. There are a variety of commercial ginseng products available, such as white, red, sun, and black ginsengs . More than 30 different ginsenosides have been identified and isolated, all with several pharmacological effects. Ginsenosides are divided into 20(S)-protopanaxadiols (ginsenoside Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd, and Rg3) and 20(S)-protopanaxatriols (ginsenoside Re and Rg1) groups on the basis of their aglycone moieties .

It has been shown that Ginseng Rh2 induces apoptosis in human cancer cells by activating both extrinsic and intrinsic apoptosis pathways. Activation of the extrinsic pathway by G-Rh2 significantly induces the over-expression of the death receptor Fas in a wild-type p53-dependent manner and thus, results in caspase-8 activation . Additionally Ginseng has been shown to upregulate p53 Tumor Supressor and death receptor, TNF-R1, and its ligand, TNF-a, is also up-regulated after G-Rh2 treatment, Its death-inducing capability is often masked by the anti-apoptotic effects of NF-kB. Activation of the intrinsic pathway mediated by G-Rh2 triggers caspase-9 activation by promoting strong and immediate translocation of both BAX and BAK from the cytosol to the mitochondria and, consequently, the release of cytochrome c from the mitochondria, which initiates apoptosis. [source]

Other ingredients: HPMC Vegan Capsule. Free from GMO,


Immune Magic™ Ingredients per 2x Vegan Capsule
Ganoderma lucidum(†)30% polys/3% triterpenes 200mg *
Antrodia Camphorata (†) 6% triterpenes 200mg *
Cordyceps Militaris (†) 6% triterpenes 200mg *
Panax Ginseng 5:1 Extract (†) 800mg *
Glycyrrhiza glabra 5:1 Extract (†) 200mg *
Other ingredients:  HPMC Hypromellose (vegetable capsule), zero fillers, (†) Organic, * Daily value not established

Suggested Usage

As a dietary supplement, use 2 capsules twice per day after food or as advised by your health practitioner. Immune Magic™ is not psychoactive whatsoever .

Clinical Studies

P53-dependent Fas expression is critical for Ginsenoside Rh2 triggered caspase-8 activation

Anti-tumor and anti-metastatic roles of cordycepin, one bioactive compound of Cordyceps militaris


Quality Assurance Declaration

Lab-Tested endeavors to use the most potent source materials within our formulas. Our herbal extracts are sourced and tested by the only Government-certified large scale producer of crude herb (powder-free) TCM concentrates in Asia who manufacture to GMP / ISO 9001/2000 pharmaceutical grade and also operate an ISO17025/TAF-certified laboratory where they subject all plant extracts to strict quality inspections free from heavy metals, pesticides or microbes before release to the clinics all over the world. The formulas and tinctures are assembled without fillers in small batches by a BHMA member herbal dispensary.


Nutraceutical Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or MHRA and the items are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease nor are they associated, endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by Anthony William, Medical Medium® Joe Tippens, Jane McLelland or Jim Gordon.


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