Canresist – Enzyme-Blocking Powder – 100g to 800g

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This formula is based upon the Enzyme-Blocking Therapy by Dr Matthias Rath contained in his  book available here for download: There is also a PDF brochure covering the findings of his incredible experiments below.


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Almost all diseases thrive on a lack of vitamin C , proline and lysine to be able to spread throughout the body. This is related to the extraordinary value of these substances for the body’s connective tissue. We can summarise this as follows:

1. Lysine inhibits the destruction of the connective tissue by preventing enzymatic digestion of collagen molecules. At the same time the amino acid lysine is a component of collagen and it is used for making the collagen in the body.

2. Vitamin C stimulates the production of the connective tissue and is essential for its optimal structure. Deficiency of vitamin C leads to tissue weakness and eventually to scurvy. On the other hand, an optimal supply of vitamin C assures optimal production of collagen and elastic fiber molecules and contributes to having strong connective tissue in the body.

For best results combine CANRESIST with Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG) which according to this study, may provide a synergistic effect in blocking the process of metastasis.

Other useful ingredients may be AlgaeDHA, or Omega3 /DHA,  Bone Broth (if you’ve had Chemotherapy) , Vitamin B12, Melatonin , AdrenalREST/ Iodine , CStemhib and Reishi / Cordyceps mushrooms.

For an interactive bio-search tool of health concerns linked to nutritive modalities/ protocols see our BiohackIT.

“Our results suggest that the formulation of green tea extract, lysine, proline, and ascorbic acid, tested as a promising adjunct to standard treatment of pancreatic cancer, by inhibiting MMP expression and invasion without toxic effects important parameters in cancer metastasis.” Pubmed 15879623.” .

How Cancer Develops by Breaking Down Collagen

Studies have shown (source), that adequate collagen production can also help support strong coronary arteries, cartilage and bones, as well as improve the function of the organs, which are cemented by collagen fibers.


Quality Assurance Declaration

Lab-Tested endeavors to use the most potent source materials within our formulas. Our herbal extracts are sourced and tested by the only Government-certified large scale producer of crude herb (powder-free) TCM concentrates in Asia who manufacture to GMP / ISO 9001/2000 pharmaceutical grade and also operate an ISO17025/TAF-certified laboratory where they subject all plant extracts to strict quality inspections free from heavy metals, pesticides or microbes before release to the clinics all over the world. The formulas and tinctures are assembled without fillers in small batches by a BHMA member herbal dispensary.


Nutraceutical Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or MHRA and the items are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease nor are they associated, endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by Anthony William, Medical Medium® Joe Tippens, Jane McLelland or Jim Gordon.


For the optimal production of collagen in the body, a continuous supply of vitamin C and the amino acids lysine and proline is required. Vitamin C and lysine are not produced in the body, so dietary supplementation with these collagen-building nutrients is essential to help keep your skin healthy and beautiful.*

Key Synergy Nutrients: Vitamin C, L-lysine, L-proline, Liquorice, MSM, +  Green Tea extract (not included).

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Unlike animals, humans do not produce vitamin C, so proper supplementation is vital for the health of connective tissue.

L-lysine: An essential amino acid, is a building block of collagen. L-lysine helps maintain healthy connective tissue. L-lysine is not produced in the body and supplementation is necessary to help protect support of the body’s connective tissue.

L-proline: Another amino acid, is a building block of collagen that also strengthens the body’s connective tissue. This nutrient is produced by the body in limited quantities, so additional supplementation is important to ensure the optimal production of collagen.

Liquorice –  components reduce inflammation via NF-kB pathway and cause cell cycle arrest by down-regulating cyclin D1 and E, key molecules in G1 to S transition and completion of the latter one. Ultimately, the cell cycle arrest will trigger cell cycle deregulation and apoptotic processes via upregulation of p21 and p27, both well-known tumor suppressor proteins downregulated in numerous cancers.

Suggested usage:
Add 5g to 15g of the powder to a glass water and drink twice a day. Higher dose for intensive results.
At higher dosages 200g would last 7 days and 800g 1 month.

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