FENBENCUR™ with Curcumin, Graviola & Milk Thistle (2 versions)

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Available in Day and Night Versions. Vitamin E (EGAMMA) ,  CBD Magic, CURCUBOS or Liposomal Vitamin C also available below.
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FENBENCUR™ is a broad-based nutraceutical formula containing Fenbendazole & bioavailable Curcumin extract and other nutrients which have been shown to initiate cell death (apoptosis) in mutagenic cells. There are now Two versions: One for the Day and one for the Night (inc. Melatonin).

Now with Graviola 4:1 Extract & Chromium to influence even more pathways and properly block Glucose!

Download Full Diagram
(PDF) with Metabolic Fuel Targets/Minimums.

FENBENCUR™ capsules contain 65mg (99.09% purity) Fenbendazole (FZ), Curcumin Longa, Graviola, Milk Thistle (Silimarin), Green Tea Extract, Quercetin, Ginger Extract & Black Pepper. The night version also contains Melatonin(15mg/cap). The 4 capsule a day dosage aims to improve upon a popular protocol known as FENBEN by including some supportive co-factors listed above which increase ER Stress / Free Radicals (ROS) within the cells.

It is suggested that the Day and Night versions are used  2 x (Day) in the morning and 2 x (Night) before bedtime so that the capsules ingredients are active within the body throughout the whole 24 hours. Please make sure that you combine FENBENCUR™ with FASNHIB™, GLUTAHIB™ to block the other possible open fuel pathways.

View Labtests.
Fz (99.90%), Curcumin (95.2%), Silimarin (80.7%), Quercetin (99.25%), Melatonin (99.83%)

(FENBENCUR™ is NOT associated, endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by Joe Tippens)

FZ is a moderate microtubule targeting agent capable of causing mitotic arrest followed by cell death. [source] Studies show that FZ possesses a unique ability to induce p53 tumor suppressor to a considerably high level and has the ability to affect glucose metabolic pathways via Glut-4 transporter as well as the a key glycolytic enzyme hexokinase (HK II).

We have now added Chromium to help insulin levels and Graviola 4:1 Extract (replacing MSM) which has been shown to also block glucose pathways and increase apoptosis which will complement Fenbencur , here are the pathways it has been shown to influence:  P53(Tumor Supp), EGFR, PI3k, RAS, mTOR, nf-kb, MEK, ERK, FOXO, SOD, IL-6, MUC4, GLUT1, GLUT4, MMP, LDHA, HKII, HIF-1a, TNF-a, STAT1, STAT3, BCL-2, BAX, ROS, Caspase3 & Caspase9.

When down-regulated by FZ it induces mitochondria- induced apoptosis by causing glucose starvation uptake by cells, this was also found to be dependent upon the combination of Vitamin E in this study. FENBENCUR™ is taken before bedtime to provide important night-time healing, and pulsed 3 days on and 4 days off to give relief to the kidneys and liver. A pack of 60 Night capsules can last for 5 weeks, a Pack of 60 Day + 60 Night capsules can last 10 weeks.

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For other dietary suggestions, see the BiohackIT phone app at https://werone.co/biohackit

Apoptosis inducers cause tumor cells to undergo a process of controlled cell death called apoptosis. Apoptosis is one method the body uses to get rid of unneeded or abnormal cells, but tumor cells have strategies to avoid apoptosis. Apoptosis inducers can get around these strategies to cause the death of tumor cells. Angiogenesis inhibitors block the growth of new blood vessels to tumors (a process called tumor angiogenesis).

A blood supply is necessary for tumors to grow beyond a certain size because blood provides the oxygen and nutrients that tumors need for continued growth. Treatments that interfere with angiogenesis may block tumor growth. Some targeted therapies that inhibit angiogenesis interfere with the action of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), a substance that stimulates new blood vessel formation and also fuelled by Glutamine usage which can be inhibited by blocking the  cMYC gene pathway and limiting certain proteins such as:

  • Red meats (wild caught fish and free range eggs are better in small quantities)
  • All dairy products except perhaps cottage cheese
  • Wheat (which is rich in glutamine)
  • All sugars and sweet fruits.

Tumor cells take up and metabolise glucose and glutamine to a degree that far exceeds their needs for these molecules in anabolic macromolecular synthesis. Commonly occurring oncogenic signal transduction pathways initiated by receptor tyrosine kinases or Ras engaged PI3K-Akt signaling to directly stimulate glycolytic metabolism. Oncogenic levels of Myc have recently been linked to increased glutaminolysis through a coordinated transcriptional program. Myc-activation/amplification is one of the most common oncogenic events observed in mutagenic cells. To block Glutamine see: GLUTAHIB

Biohackit Neutraceuticals Range Buy FASNHIB Buy GLUTAHIB Buy Metastahib Buy Myelomhib Buy VBLOCK Buy SARCOMHIB Buy MEBENGRAV Buy AUTOPHIB Buy BCHIB Buy Mebencur Buy Fenbencide Cream Image Map

FENBENCUR™ is a broad-based nutraceutical formula containing herbal extracts and other nutrients which have been shown to provide antitumor support.

FENBENCUR™ aims to restore P53 tumor supressor and block the pathways which are used for metastasis and to provide immune system support and block glutamine and glucose pathways which are also used as supplementary food supplies for tumor cells.

FENBENCUR™ may be best supported with additional  CURCUBOS™,  Vitamin E (EGamma) & Vitamin D3/K2  and  (25mg CBD Magic™ – not purchasable through paypal),  as suggested in a well-known 1g Panacur/222mg FZ protocol (containing 22% FZ) ,  (ours is 99% FZ / 260mg without the lactate/calcium filler) and a ZERO sugar Diet with regular cruciferous vegetables.

FENBENCUR™ has not been scientifically proven in this respect though it’s individual ingredients have been shown in various studies to be efficacious and safe. All extracts are pharmaceutical grade and contained in an HPMC vegan capsule.



FENBEBCUR™ per 4 x Vegan Capsules
Fenbendazole (99.90%) no fillers 260mg *
Curcumin 55.6% (Water Soluble) (†)
Demethoxycurcumin 20.1% (Water Soluble) (†)
Bisdemethoxycurcumin 19.5% (Water Soluble) (†)
400mg *
Silimarin 80.7% Extract (Milk Thistle) (†) 340mg(Night)/ 400mg(Day) *
Green Tea Extract 15:1 Extract 1200mg *
Ginger 5:1 Extract (†) 400mg *
Graviola 4:1 Extract 640mg *
Quercetin (99.25%) (†) 80mg *
Melatonin (99.83%) (†) (Night version only) 15mg/cap 60mg *
Other ingredients:  Organic Black Pepper, Chromium (400mcg/4 caps) HPMC Hypromellose (vegetable capsule), zero fillers, (†) Lab Tested, GMO & Pesticide Free! * Daily value not established

Suggested Usage

Take 2 x DAY version caps with water in the morning (+ VIT E/CURC/C*B*D) before food and 2 x Night version caps (+ VIT E/CURC/CBD) at 9-10pm before bedtime, pulse FENBENCUR™ 3 Days ON / 4 Days OFF or as directed by a health professional.  OR you can take 4 caps of the Night version at 9-10pm before bedtime. May be suitable as an adjuvant. Must ensure that Glutamine & Fatty Acid pathways are also blocked. See FASNHIB™, GLUTAHIB™ .

FENBENCUR™ may best be supported with Vitamin E (800mg) such as EGamma™,  CURCUBOS™ (600mg),  Vitamin D3/K2 (8000IU), (25mg CBD Magic – not purchasable through paypal)  and a ZERO sugar Diet with regular cruciferous vegetables. Make sure that on the OFF days the additional supplements are continued without break and if you wish, provide additional liver support such as Milk Thistle. and plenty of organic black coffee’s, coffee bullets or coffee enemas. To improve on this protocol, make sure you see the Important extra pathways which tumors use once you block the glucose pathways. (see Full pathway diagram as PDF here)

Using the PULSE ON/OFF method: FENBENCUR™ 60 Day Capsules and 60 Night Capsules will last 10 weeks. Pulsing the formula with a break in between allows the liver a recovery time but also may sabotage the tumor’s process of re-configuring it’s fuel supply (metabolic reconfiguration/plasticity)  when the primary fuel supply such as Glucose is blocked by Fenbendazole, adding to the tumor stress.

IMPORTANT EXTRA PATHWAYS: In order to block other pathways according to the tumor’s phenotype such as Lipids (fatty acid synthase) and Glutamine (Proteins), we  suggest you follow the off-label drugs and nutritional strategies described in Jane McLelland’s Book: ‘How to Starve Cancer’  . Remove all sources of Omega 6 PUFA veg oils and nuts from the diet. [Source]  but include Omega 3 DHA. We now have made available new herbal formulas to help target these pathways (FASNHIB™, GLUTAHIB™)  & AUTOPHIB™ – coming soon!

For more dietary resources see BiohackIT app.


Quality Assurance Declaration

Werone.co endeavors to use the most potent source materials within our formulas. Our herbal extracts are sourced and tested by the only Government-certified large scale producer of crude herb (powder-free) TCM concentrates in Asia who manufacture to GMP / ISO 9001/2000 pharmaceutical grade and also operate an ISO17025/TAF-certified laboratory where they subject all plant extracts to strict quality inspections free from heavy metals, pesticides or microbes before release to the clinics all over the world. The formulas and tinctures are assembled without fillers in small batches by a BHMA member herbal dispensary.


Nutraceutical Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or MHRA and the items are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease nor are they associated, endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by Anthony William, Medical Medium® Joe Tippens or Jim Gordon.


Clinical Studies

Fenbendazole acts as a moderate microtubule destabilising agent and causes cell death by modulating multiple cellular pathways.

Unexpected Antitumorigenic Effect of Fenbendazole when Combined with Supplementary Vitamin E

Fenbendazole as a Potential Antitumor agent

Emerging therapeutic potential of Graviola and its constituents in cancers

ER Stress

Anti-Tumor Natural Products and Their Bioactive Compounds Inducing ER Stress-Mediated Apoptosis: A Review

Citrate Suppresses Tumor Growth in Multiple Models through Inhibition of Glycolysis, the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle and the IGF-1R Pathway
Citrate exhibits negative feedback on glycolysis2 and on the enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase3,4 Conversely, inhibition of glycolysis suppresses tumor growth and can contribute to CD8+ T cell maturation28. Therefore, we hypothesized that citrate-mediated AKT inhibition might down regulate glycolysis.

Safety of Fenbendazole

Here are extracts from the manufacturers of Panacur which contains 222mg Fz per 1 gram of Panacur.  FENBENCUR currently contains 260mg Fz per 4 capsules.

Fenbendazole is known to have a high safety margin and most species tolerate it very well. It has very low degree of toxicity and high degree of safety in experimental animals 8,9,10,11,12. In this study, we show that fenbendazole (FZ) exhibits a moderate microtubule depolymerizing activity towards human cancer cells, but possesses a potent antitumor effect as evident from in vitro and in vivo experiments. Our results indicate that FZ exerts its antitumor effect through the disruption of microtubule dynamics, p53 activation and the modulation of genes involved in multiple cellular pathways. FZ treatment also resulted in reduced glucose uptake in cancer cells due to down regulation of GLUT transporters and key glycolytic enzymes.


Safety of Fenbendazole

Based on a battery of in vitro and in vivo genotoxicity tests, described in the MRL summary report, it was concluded that fenbendazole is not genotoxic. For comparison, Fz has an LD50 (Lethal Dosage) of 10g/kg, which is half the toxicity of Curcumin which has an LD50 of 5g/kg. Metformin has an even higher toxicity of 1.7g/kg.

No data on carcinogenicity are deemed necessary, because fenbendazole is devoid of genotoxic potential, has no structural alerts for carcinogenicity, and no evidence for carcinogenicity was found in a 2-year study in mice.

Studies of other effects
Studies with fenbendazole showed that the substance can be considered practically non-irritating to the skin and eyes. Fenbendazole was not a skin sensitiser when tested in a 10% formulation in guinea pigs. Fenbendazole seems to be well tolerated in humans after oral exposure (single oral dose up to 2,000 mg/per person; 500 mg/per person for 10 consecutive days); however observations in humans are limited.

User safety / Hazard characterization
Fenbendazole is of low acute toxicity after oral exposure. No acute exposure limit is available.

Based on limited human data it appears that doses up to 500 mg per person did not result in adverse effects. Moreover, single doses up to 2,000 mg per person were reported to cause no adverse effects. Fenbendazole is not expected to have a skin or eye irritating potential at concentrations up to 10%, although, in the final formulation fenbendazole is present at a concentration of 20%. It is considered unlikely that the final formulation will have skin or eye irritating/damaging effects.

Extracts from Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP) CVMP assessment report for Panacur AquaSol
International non-proprietary name: fenbendazole

Additional information

Weight 60 g

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    I love the formulation. The instructions of how to take are clearly on the bottle, which is very helpful. My only feedback is that each night time pill has 15mg of melatonin, and the label is confusing. If you take 2 daytime and 2 night time pills, as recommended, you’re actually getting 30mg of melatonin, not 60, as I interpretted when I first read it.

  3. Werone Team (store manager)

    Thanks for your feedback Vicki 🙂 We are adjusting the night label version to make this clearer.

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    Convenient way to purchase instead of messy powder…..but it costs money to mix and measure. I think it’s worth it.

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    It seems to be a good idea to take Fenbendazone with synergistic supplements and this product does that…I have only started taking it , so I can’t comment on it’s efficacy yet.

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    Pleased to find this. After reading about Fenben protocol it was a relief to buy a supplement from a company that provided great back up and information. Too early to comment on its effectiveness.

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    Love that everything is combined in 1 capsule

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    This appears to be a good product which combines a number of useful supplements.

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    I ordered both day and night Fenbencur. Delivery was prompt. My son and I are both using the capsules. We have only been using them for a few days but I have noticed no more aching around my jaw and my son’s issues seem to have improved. He had flu like symptoms for a number of weeks and chesty. Still has a bit of a runny nose but that could still be side effects from radiation a few years ago. He will be going for a full body thermogram to make sure the health issues he had has not returned, we are being proactive.

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    Had to wait several weeks before receiving product. I guess that is because of international transport.

    Werone comment: Looks like they tried to deliver after 8 days and two failed attempts to deliver:

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