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Astragalus root is a natural ingredient that is found in many natural medicines and various supplements because it has so many benefits. We’ll look at the benefits and risks of Astragalus root, but first let’s look at the research related to the anti aging benefits – it’s impressive and exciting.

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Astragalus root is a natural ingredient that is found in many natural medicines and various supplements because it has so many benefits. We’ll look at the benefits and risks of Astragalus root, but first let’s look at the research related to the anti aging benefits – it’s impressive and exciting.

Research Shows Astragalus Can Reverse Aging

In 2009 Jack Szostak, Elizabeth Blackburn and Carol Greider were given the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine as a result of their cell division discoveries on how chromosomes can actually be duplicated with no degradation to them.

Their discovery was pretty profound because they discovered that maintaining healthy telomeres was critical. These are the protective ends found on your chromosome and they reignite telomerase growth. This research discovered that there were some Astragalus molecules that could actually improve telomere growth, which in turn played a role in slowing down aging.

Your cells to repair themselves when they divide and this is how your body can be maintained. Your genetic code is locked away in your DNA molecules, which are duplicated reproducing an identical cell. The telomeres protect the cells (your chromosomes) from becoming damaged when they are copied to ensure that your cells are constantly able to rejuvenate because the ends are protected.

When telomeres rejuvenate without any help it isn’t always optimal and so we age. In 1965, a geneticist by the name of Leonard Hayflick discovered that most of the body cells divide a specific number of times and then they die, which shows we do have a biological clock.

Understanding Telomeres

In 1990, The Nature Journal published some very good content that made it a lot easier to grasp the process of the telomeres. In the process of protecting the DNA strand, telomeres shorten just a little bit every time a cell divides. In the younger years, the telomerase enzymes are able to restore telomeres as they diminish. But as we age the telomerase enzymes actually disappear from our genetic makeup and so the telomeres begin to recede at a slow rate, but eventually they ultimately lead to our death.

The interest in slowing the aging process has led to a great deal of research including the study of telomeres and what they have discovered is that there is a direct link between aging and telomeres. In addition, a great deal has been a great deal of success in finding therapies that can help to jump-start the telomerase enzyme producing genes. One of those therapies includes Astragalus root.

More About Astragalus Root 

Astragalus root has two powerful molecules astragaloside as well as cycloastragenols that are linked to the production and activation of the telomerase enzymes. The research found that if these molecules become available in large enough quantities then there is the potential to stop the telomeres from becoming depleted and it can even lead to those that have been lost to actually be able to rebuild.

TA-65 was the first patented synthetic Astragalus to become available. However, since that time, there are a number of Astragalus products that have become available and some directly promoted themselves for being able to reverse the aging process. It’s also why in GenF20 Astragalus root is seen as an important ingredient in this HGH supplement.

More research is needed on Astragalus Root, but the research done to date, really shows the benefits of Astragalus root in slowing the aging process, so it should not be overlooked.

There are different Astragalus species and a few species contain swainsonine, which is a toxin directly linked to livestock poisonings. Astragalus mollissimus and Astragalus lentiginosus are two species commonly seen, but in dietary supplements Astragalus membranaceus is the most common species.

Astragalus works by stimulating the immune system. In fact, research indicates products containing Astragalus could increase the effectiveness of platinum based chemotherapy treatments for lung cancer. That’s just one exciting example.

Side Effects Of Atragalus

The side effects of Astragalus have not yet been studied; therefore, it is recommended that those women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Astragalus. What research does know is that in more than 28 grams of Astragalus your immune system can actually become less active. Therefore, if you  suffer from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus you should not use Astragalus to treat your symptoms as they could get worse.

Other Benefits of Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root is used t treat allergies, anemia, CFS, chronic hepatitis, colds, fibromyalgia, bacteria, viruses, HIV, AIDS, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and upper respiratory infection. It also increases blood flow when applied to the skin, regulates the immune system, speeds up wound healing, and protects the liver. In some cases, it is given orally to treat breast cancer, lung cancer and cervical cancer.


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