How To Use The Site

Welcome to Werone! We'd like to give a short intro on how to find items you may be looking for. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to find items so we've taken a few captures below to show the most efficient way to find things.

List of Most Popular Items

Place your mouse over the menu; 'Items by Concern' and the drop down menu will show a few categorised lists of items which you can select to view,  or Add to cart.

Choose Currency

The Currency switcher enables you to show items in the currency of your choice. GBP, Euro, US Dollars or Australian Dollars. Only on the final checkout page will the host currency of £GBP Sterling be default for payment. Our current payment gateway is Paypal, you can still pay by cards even without a paypal account, just choose Proceed to Paypal.


then you will see this the next view, where you can select pay by card.

Werone Rewards Scheme

The Gold Tab to the right of the browser is where you can redeem your points against items you wish to buy. Points are earned every time you order some items and go through checkout. By clicking the Gold tab on the right and selecting the Claim tab, you can redeem your points by copying the coupon code to use into the checkout.

On the final checkout page, click on the to enter your coupon:



Search For Your Item

Place your mouse over the menu; 'Search Items' and then in the Search window, enter the first few letters of the item you are looking for, the fuzzy find will start to show item links which have that word on their page, eg: Glycerite, DimMagic,  Estrogen etc.

Clicking on the item will take you to the item's page where you can read about it and Add it to cart.


See Latest Items

Place your mouse over the menu; 'New Items' and the drop down menu will show a moving carousel of the newest items added to the site. There are also some quick-link blue buttons to popular items and to the main store.