Steiner undertakes the task of introducing the reader to the requirements of thought-life needed to perceive the higher processes of life and the cosmos. He provides a path of systematic development, for the faculties latent in each person, by which the development of a specific spiritual sensory organ may be cultivated. Once this is achieved, one is able to distinguish and move about with certainty in the subtle inner world of the human psyche, which is then shown to be interconnected to a vast realm of archetypal and spiritual forces which act upon the development of the cosmos. This book distinguishes itself as one of the definitive references on inner self-transformation, providing a path to a true self-knowledge, and expansion of one’s empathetic relationship to the world.   This work is truly insightful and essential reading for seekers curiously drawn to explore and understand more about themselves for reasons they can’t often explain themselves. Steiner is one of the great exponents in this field of study – an inspired individual who’s contribution to mankind’s development will surely help and guide many people from all walks of life for many years to come. A most important book, enjoy!

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Extract: HOW TO KNOW HIGHER WORLDS (from page 18 – 21)
“Our civilisation is more inclined to criticise, judge, and condemn than to feel devotion and selfless veneration.

Our children criticise far more than they respect or revere. But just as surely as every feeling of devotion and reverence nurtures the soul’s powers for higher knowledge, so every act of criticism and judgement drives these powers away.

If we wish to become esoteric students, we must train ourselves vigorously in the mood of devotion. We must seek—in all things around us, in all our experiences—for what can arouse our admiration and respect.

If I meet other people and criticise their weaknesses, I rob myself of higher cognitive power. But if I try to enter deeply and lovingly into another person’s good qualities, I gather in that force.

Disciples of this occult path must always bear in mind the need to cultivate such admiration and respect. Experienced spiritual researchers know what strength they gain by always looking for the good in everything and withholding their critical judgement. This practice should not remain simply an outer rule of life, but must take hold of the innermost part of the soul.

It lies in our hands to perfect ourselves and gradually transform ourselves completely. But this transformation must take place in our innermost depths, in our thinking. Showing respect outwardly in our relations with other beings is not enough; we must carry this respect into our thoughts.

Therefore we must begin our inner schooling by bringing devotion into our thought life. We must guard against disrespectful, disparaging, and criticizing thoughts. We must try to practice reverence and devotion in our thinking
at all times.

Each moment that we spend becoming aware of whatever derogatory, judgemental, and critical opinions still remain in our consciousness brings us closer to higher knowledge. We advance even more quickly if, in such moments, we fill our consciousness with admiration, respect, and reverence for the world and life.

Anyone experienced in these things knows that such moments awaken forces in us that otherwise remain dormant. Filling our consciousness in this way opens our spiritual eyes. We begin to see things around us that we could not see before.

We begin to realise that previously we saw only a part of the world surrounding us. We begin to see our fellow human beings in a different way than we did before. Naturally, this rule of life alone does not yet enable us to perceive what, for example, is called the human aura. For this, still higher schooling is needed. Yet we cannot begin such schooling until we have undergone a vigorous training in devotion” ~ Rudolph Steiner


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