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‘Magic Wrap’ for Melatonin to restricted Countries

Magic Wrap… New from October 2020 for products:
Mel Magic HD 100mg, 10mg, 20mg, Mel60/200, Curcumel & Fenbencur Night.
Possible countries it may be beneficial for:  France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, ...
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Kerry Parker Shares Results on Brain Cancer using C.O.C. Protocol & Mebendazole

Kerry Parker Results using COC & Repurposed Drugs on Brain Cancer
Ist June 2020: In this video Kerry Parker shares her latest results during the lockdown, visit BiohackIT for ...
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Damp & Dry-Causing Foods & How to Stay In Balance

Most of us think of “damp” and “dry” in terms of how recently we used our bath towels, or what the weather is doing outside. But according to the 2,500-year-old ...
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HOW TO DO MAGIC with Thomas Sheridan

[dropcap] M [/dropcap]agic is simply removing the shackles from your cognition and allowing your will to break free from its cage. Thomas’s blog site, radio show and artwork can be ...
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Is Fruit Another Processed Food We Need To Avoid?

[dropcap] A [/dropcap]avoid eating Fruit? This piece of advice is controversial as fruit has an almost magical health aura today. People may believe that fruit is nutritious but unfortunately fruit ...
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Proof Banks Don’t Take Deposits or Lend Money, They Create It!

[dropcap] T[/dropcap]he question of how money is created has far-reaching implications for research and policy. Surprisingly, despite the longstanding controversy, until now no empirical study has tested the theories. This ...
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[dropcap] M [/dropcap] ost of the information presented here is not for mass consumption but if you are ready, browsing this site will slowly break down the illusionary 3D world of the hypnotic trance. This site is dedicated to helping you connect the dots and to de-program from the matrix whilst moving into a positive and thriving state of being. It all starts with cleansing the body, then the emotions and the mind will follow:

One of the greatest luminaries and our favourite Alan Watts spells out what many of us either aren't aware of or we are too afraid to admit, we've also named our facebook page after this reality, please like it and keep in touch :

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BiohackIT, the Bio-Search Tool You've Been Waiting For...

BiohackIT is a novel time-saving search tool but it is not a diagnostic tool, it is a repository of known regulators extracted from scientific research on particular health concerns.

This may provide keys or leads for the student or patient in order to persue a course of action or to open up a new direction of thought.

BiohackIT has been designed to empower you with condensed and targetted knowledge in one place drastically shortening the time you might need to spend finding specifics on health concerns which could take you in a useful remedial direction.

See our new 'BiohackIT Tool' for more information

Heal Yourself 101 by Markus Rothkranz


[dropcap] E [/dropcap] verything you need to know on how to dramatically change your life and never get sick again. Many people who have done this have had dramatic results with everything from impotence to brain cancer. This isn't a trendy fad diet, it's an understanding on how to live the way we were designed. Explained in simple-to-understand language, this book gets straight to the point. You can change your life with simple things that cost almost nothing, right in your own home. (paperback, ebook or kindle).

Get Your Copy Of Heal Yourself 101

[dropcap] T [/dropcap]here is a wealth of well-researched information within the site offered freely, the most sensitive is protected through our Member Rewards Scheme, it is the cream of the crop of the secret doctrines, it comes from a non-dogmatic gnostic perspective, the essence being that to ascend we must go within, you will see this theme repeated in many ways throughout the site.  All we ask for in exchange is your email address and if you need any supplements, help support this work, big love!



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