by Darren Deogee

[dropcap] T [/dropcap]he world is in a bit of a gender pickle! Relationship failures abound, with marriage dropping, divorce increasing and emotions are running high in both sexes in the Western World, from feminism to MGTOW.

On top of that, we have a new generation of gender confused gender explorers that have been led to believe gender is about garments, or jobs or facepaint, when really, gender is none of those things. Darren introduces the subject in these videos, please subscribe to Darren’s Gender Mender youtube channel and Patreon channel using the links.

What is Gender?


Darren shares his insight that Gender can be explained with Electromagnetism where the Male principle is the Electrical and the Female principle is the Magnetic which means that either men or women can be in a charge role or an attraction role in moment by moment exchanges with each other. This even extends to our abilities to charge for services.


A lot of peoples issues with CHARGING for things is their wounded relationship with the masculine within them. (and money is masculine as it is used for bringing CHANGE- look at all the electrical language in banking – currency, current account, charging you, discharging bankrupts, getting ‘change’ when you spend money (its never about the money back, its what you bought that IS the ‘change’).

Introducing Gender Mender