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[dropcap] T [/dropcap] the biggest epi-eugenics program that is being waged on humanity is the neo-feminism movement. Now, before you think that we’re saying that Feminine is unholy, of course we’re not saying that, we’re referring to a new kind of in-authentic feminine which is being engineered to create a gender war by skewing the natural dynamics within the relationships to ultimately reduce world population and dis-empower the males.


Epi-Eugenics – The State’s Control of Biological Expression & Sexuality

The neo-feminism movement is the idea that seeks to set and control the perceptions of what the human female finds attractive and/or desirable in a potential mating partner. And what they are doing, is getting women opposed to the idea of mating with someone that has very strong feelings for human freedom, that is the rebel type, a person that will not stand down, and will assert their rights in standing up to the state, something like the Braveheart quality which resides in the male. Traditionally this was the type of man the female would be drawn to as a protector, but not any more it seems.


A lot of women are unknowingly being being conditioned to find this unattractive, and to steer away from it, and shy away from men like that. They look at it like it’s dangerous and will not be in their long-term survival interest. Because they know at a subconscious level, they are going up against an organization that uses violence and coercion to stay in control.


So this is part of the whole neo-feminist agenda that has been the subject matter of Mark Passio’s presentation at the Free Your Mind 4 conference. Helping people to understand what this eugenics program is ultimately about. It steers the perceptions of what people in society are generally find acceptable or attractive. Once you control something at that level, you are ultimately controlling the mechanism of biological expression which is human sexuality and reproduction.


Here’s a short interview from Mark prior to the below talk:

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How Can They Achieve This?

This requires two understandings, the first is epigenetics. Epigenetics is an emerging branch of science that deals with human biology, psychology, and physiology, integrated with human consciousness. Understanding that genes are not actually who we are, genes are a tendency for biological expression.
However, since gene expression is preceded by consciousness, consciousness is capable of fundamentally altering gene expression. So in other words, we are not the code, we are the authors of the code. We are the writers of the code, we can actually change the expression of our genes biologically, psychologically, and physiologically, if we change human consciousness. That’s epigenetics. (more below)

Part 1

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Now, of course eugenics is population control. Eugenicists breed into society certain characteristics that you want to see expressed, and breed out other characteristics you don’t want expressed.


Unholy Feminine & Satanic Epi-Eugenics

You’re also trying to directly control fertility and birthrates. So we are combining these two concepts, epigenetics with eugenics. I’ve truncated it and coined the term epi-eugenics, which means to go beyond classical eugenics. Of course, classical eugenics uses sterilization methods, or actually culling the population physically.


We’re talking now about doing it through consciousness. In other words, getting the human herd to cull itself. What you are doing is manipulating the characteristics and traits that particularly the female of the population finds attractive in a partner, so that you are ultimately, in the long term, controlling the expressions, characteristics and traits that are in that target population. Mark calls this epi-eugenics, or epigenetic eugenics.

Chemical Warfare Against Testosterone 

There is a war against natural testosterone which was in higher levels in humans before, but is now even lower and lower levels. Testosterone is a hormone is found in both men and women and is responsible for vitality, strength, sex drive, and overall wellness. And if it is absent in a man he becomes feminized, he becomes docile, he becomes complacent. He loses energy, loses drive, loses will.


Thats what they (the elites) want, they want a weakened, feminized male population. And if hormonal levels of testosterone are low in the female population, very similar things result; depression, overall vitality loss, will loss, sex drive loss. These are things that keep the population low, but more over than that, it keeps the population weakened. That’s ultimately what they want, they don’t want a strong independent thinking population, because those are the people who are most likely to rebel against an immoral control system.

Part 2

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What is Satanism?
These people behind the scenes, they have a religious belief system that is driving the worldwide control system. That belief system is fundamentally the ideology known as Satanism, which is not what people think it is. Satanism is about 100% selfishness taken to the extreme. It is about moral relativism, not believing in any objective standards of right and wrong behavior, or natural law rights. And, it is ultimately social darwinism and eugenics applied to the population and mankind. That’s what Satanism really is.


Do not be quick to judge without reading and watching the whole presentation that is the highest form of ignorance is Condemnation before investigation.

So why didn’t the black slave ever fight back?  The answer was the women programmed children since birth to never to fight back against a white man, and to do what ever he says without question or hesitation , that the white men rule the world and they will never even think of another possibility ever again.

The reason women did that to the children is out of fear they saw what the white men did to a black man if he did not follow orders and did not want the same fate to happen to there children, also a women would pick a man that will not fight back so there children would not grow up without a father.

Right now we have the same kind of conditioning going on in society today by again mothers and women and that is what this whole topic is about.

What this is about is epi-eugenics to program women into selectively breeding with only a small % of men and there are only 2 kinds of men that most women , the reason you pick women to change the world is because where women go society WILL follow.

We should start with the two biggest problems in the world today, there are ne0-feminist and the war on sexuality .

Now there is a world of difference between classic feminist and todays feminist.

This is all know as the hegelian dialectic, its always been used and will continue to be used because it always works

Todays feminists are satanists but they do not know it because they never even looked into what satanism really is , if you don’t know what something is how can you know what it is not?

Women honesty believe they are righting for there rights when all they are really doing is destroying families, and families are the foundation of the social moral structure


The only thing that todays feminist are really fighting for is keeping society in a state of slavery

We are heading down a road that leads straight to hell on earth

I hope this pisses off everyone that reads this so that so change can come out of it , once you see the mental prison that the world has placed upon you will you be able to find the way out. Next we will get into the other half of the problem then solutions in order to heal this divide upon the sexes. if you would like to watch the video version of this visithttp://www.whatonearthishappening.com Slides and text is by Mark Passio

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