[dropcap] T [/dropcap] true body cleansing doesn’t happen overnight and it is no different than detoxing off any other addiction like smoking, drugs and alcohol. Food addictions are the worst of all because people don’t think of food being as harmful as smoking or narcotics. The only difference between cocaine and sugar is how fast it kills you. You are literally made out of what you eat and breathe. All the chemical additives, dyes, fumes, drugs, preservatives, cleaners, soaps, cheese, pizza, soda pop chemicals, etc are what your cells are made out of. It’s like the three little pigs house that is made of straw instead of bricks.


Like an old rusty car, it needs to be completely torn down and rebuilt. This does not happen quickly but the cleaning process begins instantly if you stop eating cooked processed food and only take in fresh raw food and juices. The moment you cheat and eat one bit of cooked food, your detoxing stops because the body sees cooked food as foreign unnatural matter and goes into defensive mode (that’s why you feel tired after you eat cooked food). It takes more energy to digest food than any other bodily process.

Your body cannot heal if you are eating a lot


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The longer you can go without food, the more energy your body can use to concentrate on detoxing and healing and dissolving the cancer cells. That’s why it’s important to not eat after dinner time- go to bed on an empty stomach!

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This process is called fasting and it is the best thing you can do for your body. As a matter of fact, sleep is the body’s way of forcing you to fast so it can heal. The longest living people on the planet eat very little.

Every religion in the world says to fast. That means going one or more days with nothing but water. Get in the habit of doing some kind of fast (eg- 1 day a week) for the rest of your life. But for now, let’s get back to the life-changing cleanse.

O.K, the cells in your body are made of toxins, cheese, pizza, bread, pastry and chemicals. You need your cells to release all that and rebuild. This starts happening the minute you stop eating cooked, processed food and stop taking in chemicals and drugs.



Take in only, clean strong-filtered or distilled water, juices and fresh raw food (in that order). If you want to get totally serious and hard core, stop food altogether and only do fresh made-on-the-spot green juices, yes the bitter ones. This is what my dad did to get rid of his cancer.
This is the hard part that freaks most people out. Your body will start dumping toxins hard and fast into your bloodstream, your lungs, lymph, liver, kidneys and intestines.


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Your body will get overwhelmed and you will feel like crap as the toxins are released into your blood and out of any hole they can find. You will have your energy drained big time because your body will be using every bit of energy it has to deal with the slimy toxic goo now oozing through your systems. You need to help your body get rid of this avalanche.



You need to do either enemas or colonics cleanses every other day for a month or two otherwise your bowels won’t be able to handle the crap which is being dumped down there from the cleansing process and will come back at you again.


Liver CleanseKidney Cleanse


Do liver, kidney and parasite cleanses- All this garbage dumping into your bloodstream will start clogging up your filters (your liver and kidneys).


You need to clean your filters or you will become sluggish and toxic again. Do this NOW and also enemas or colonics !! here are instructions.
see the ‘Cleansing Tab’.

Colon Cleanse
take charcoal, zeolite , to help absorb the toxins and diatomaceous earth(for parasites), as well as some herbs (chlorella, parsley and coriander) to help move along the waste in your bowels, like this powerful Colon Formula (left).


Consume only fresh raw juices and raw food.
Use only non-toxic soap, shampoo, makeup, toothpaste, deodorant and cleansers.


You need to exercise to get the blood to move the toxins along and the lungs huffing and puffing to get rid of all that mucus which will inevitably be formed. Again don’t freak out. This is all normal.


Get deep tissue massages to help release the toxins all over your body and move it along through your lymph system, dry brushing also helps this.


Brush your skin, sweat a lot (saunas for example) to get the toxins to come out of your skin. Take lots of showers. DO NOT USE EVERYDAY SOAPS, SKIN LOTIONS and other chemical crap, it soaks into your skin and goes right into your bloodstream. Use only all-natural products. For example, there are all-natural hair products like Faith in Nature, Dr Bonner, Herbavita/Vegetal, EcoColors, Colora, etc. (people ask me that one all the time 😉


Get rid of ANYTHING in your life that’s toxic– this includes negative people, thoughts, lifestyle things, images, past issues, conscience issues, do some serious soul spring cleaning! Distance yourself from anything that brings you down or doesn’t support your well being.


Remember – YOU WILL GET WORSE BEFORE YOU GET BETTER.  Your body will strip down to bare bones and start over. You WILL lose weight. Most of it is water (held in your body by all that salt) and fat(which is where the toxins are stored). You will most likely smell bad, break out with zits, get weak, tired, look anemic, get headaches, get congested, your lungs will fill with mucus, your nose will run like Niagara Falls, your kidneys will hurt and you will probably get cold and flu-like symptoms. You will want to curl up in bed and just sleep, embrace the fever too, this is important, don’t try and cool it down you just need to keep drinking clean water (with fresh lemon) and keep your head cool with flannels if need be.


People will mock you and tell you to end this silly stupid health kick thing. They will say “See? You look terrible. It doesn’t work, come on- eat some real food” and other stupid demoralizing comments like that. Just know this is detoxing.


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Forty years of soft drinks, cheese and pizza do not get flushed out of your cells in a week. This takes time. You will even have old problems flushed to the surface, afflictions you had years ago, like childhood allergies, rashes etc. Your body is doing SERIOUS spring cleaning. Old thoughts and emotions might even surface. Again, don’t freak out- just know what’s happening. Look what hell cocaine addicts go through. Or cigarette smokers. You always thought you were better than them, didn’t you? Ha! We’re all in this together. Nobody is immune to being human.


Our issues are just different, that’s all. This really makes you appreciate what the other people have to go through. If you don’t think you’re an addict, JUST WAIT till the first time you try to not eat cheese or bread or anything with sugar for the first time.  As they say, you have to crawl through hell to make it to heaven.

Remember to do a liver and kidney cleanses and enemas or colonics during this phase or your liver will clog up from all that sudden waste being dumped into it, and keep the water flowing.


To keep yourself going, just know others have made it through and like grubs that became butterflies, they became new people. Don’t just take my word for it- read as many books and internet articles about other people who did this and how their problems went away. Nothing is free, everything has a price, and this one definitely is worth it.


This will be your great test. This is your gauntlet. Make it through the cleansing and every other problem in your life you will ever face will be easy after that. This doesn’t just cleanse your body but your mind and soul because it is a test of character and it builds strength. You will be rewarded in more ways than you can imagine, because your mind, body and soul will clear up so much you will be able to take on the world. You will be rewarded with a new body.


You will look in the mirror and go WOW! WHO IS THAT? You will get a hormone rush just looking at yourself. Other people will also when they look at you.


Not everybody has the strength to do this. They want to go back to their comfort foods, age and get sick and die young. Don’t let that be you. A few donuts aren’t worth dying for. Many of you will say- “yeah but those few donuts aren’t going to kill me. Or that one pizza. Or that one soft drink.” True. But the odds are you’ll have another one a few days later. Or a week. Then another. That’s like putting a bit of sand or water in your car’s gas tank every day, or week. Pretty soon you have a clogged up, rusted out car that one day just won’t work anymore. Don’t let that be you!


Be alive. Never get sick again. Be the envy of your friends. Show them it works and maybe they’ll do it too.
by Markus Rothkranz


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