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[dropcap] F [/dropcap]at is a complex organ, yes it’s an organ, it communicates and is as essential as the heart or liver, so why do we hate it?



In this next video Dr Eric Berg talks about the nutritional benefits of grass-fed butter, which is almost as beneficial as grass-fed Ghee.


1. Essential fatty acids (EFA’s)
2. Fat-soluble vitamins – K2 (takes calcium out of the soft tissues and arteries. Vitamin A is also good in the immune system, the eyes, and the skin and is also high in liver products such as pate.
3. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) – great for cardiovascular system and weight loss.
4. Omega 3
5. MCTs – medium chain triglycerides, excellent to aid ketosis.


Good Sources & Supplements: 

Kerrygold Butter, Ghee Vitamin K2 / D3,