If you have cancer or know someone who does, it’s time to get educated about nutrition and natural therapies. The majority of the information and resources below is not taught in schools or discussed in the media.

Prepare to find a lot of common threads as well as some conflicting viewpoints out there, which is why it is so important to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision about your strategy. Also continue to ask your higher self to lead you in the path of healing.

Here is a short list of books and movies we suggest you check out immediately.



How to Starve Cancer by Jane McClelland

Jane discovered that a cancer-starving diet, powerful supplements and a handful of old, forgotten, low-toxicity drugs, when taken together, acted synergistically, magnifying each of their anti-cancer effects many times. Like magic, her terminal cancer just melted away.

In this truly ground-breaking book, Jane takes us through her remarkable, heart-breaking journey, and the medical discoveries she made on the way. Using herself as a human guinea pig, she worked out the best drugs and supplements to starve her own cancer in an easy-to-follow ‘Metro Map’. She has expanded this route map to show which fuel pipelines you need to block for every type of cancer, so you too can create your own cancer-starving cocktail. Tragically many simple old drugs have been overlooked in the race for the latest patentable ‘game changers’. Is the answer already out there? Jane believes it is. Bit by bit she has pieced the puzzle together, demystified its complexity, and produced a simple protocol.


There Are No Incurable Diseases by Dr. Richard Schulze

This is a 30 day intensive cleansing and detoxification program. I love Dr. Schulze. He is a tough talkin guy with a great sense of humor. He is also arguably the most knowledgabe herbalist on the planet. A student of the late Dr. Joh Christopher, Dr. Schulze is very motivational and this book quick read at 100 pages. Warning: this program is hardcore, but it ain’t chemo! It’s a quick read and highly recommended.


Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing by Bill Henderson

In November 1990, Bill’s wife, Marjorie, began a four-year bout with ovarian cancer. She died on November 1, 1994. In Bill’s own words, “Her many operations, chemotherapy treatments and intense pain made her wish often in her last two years for a quick death…I now believe that the treatment she received was the cause of her death, not the cancer. I have read widely in the ensuing years, searching for alternative cancer treatments. I have found over three hundred and fifty.” Bill is an expert on natural and alternative cancer therapies. There is tons of great info in this book. Highly Recommended.


Cancer: Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger

This book explains the facts and deceptions about cancer and cancer treatments, it documents multiple cases suppression of effective natural cancer treatments, it details the most potent advanced cancer treatment protocols, and it clearly explains the relationship between nutrition and cancer. This is a comprehensive book on alternative cancer treatments and health. Once you learn about the many natural options to treat cancer it can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s a positive problem for sure. Highly Recommended.


Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillan PhD, RD, CNS

The book was developed after working with over 500 cancer patients and organizing 3 international symposiums on the subject. For the past 10 years, Dr. Patrick Quillin has served as the Director of Nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. He is an internationally respected expert in the area of nutrition and cancer. Especially good for those undergoing chemo and radiation.


Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients by Dr. Russell Blaylock

Retired Neurosurgeon Dr. Blaylock discusses the power of good nutrition to those fighting cancer. He identifies everyday foods with cancer-fighting properties and how best to prepare them, which nutritional supplements can help, how certain fats and oils enhance the body’s natural defenses, etc. Jam packed with powerful clinical research. Also good for those undergoing chemo and radiation.


41Q8V569JELSpontaneous Remission by Brendan O’Regan and Caryle Hirshberg

This annotated bibliography contains the largest database of medically reported cases of spontaneous remission in the world, with over 3,500 references from more than 800 journals in 20 different languages. Spontaneous remission is essentially defined as “the disappearance of a disease or cancer without medical treatment or with treatment that is considered inadequate.” Also known as HEALING.
The cancer industry likes to pretend this research doesn’t exist. But it does.


The Cure for All Cancers by Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D.
Dr. Clark’s legendary volume of research is a must have in your library. Includes over 100 case histories of persons cured. In depth explanation of the role of parasites and external toxins in cancer development and how to get them all out of your body so it can heal. A very important point in this book is to get all chemicals out of your house; cleaning supplies, paint, everything.


Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin
Author Jordan Rubin, N.M.D., C.N.C., survived terminal Crohn’s disease. This story of his experience with natural medicine and the cure that he eventually discovered in homeostatic soil organisms and the Maker’s Diet. This book gives hope to everyone with an incurable disease. Very practical steps to lifestyle change and disease fighting protocols. I love this guy.



The Beautiful Truth: The World’s Simplest way to Heal Cancer
Raised on a wildlife reserve in Alaska, 15-year old Garrett was interested in the dietary habits of their animals. After the tragic death of his mother, Garrett s father decided to home-school his son and assigned a book written by Dr. Max Gerson that proposes a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer. Garrett embarks on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.

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