[dropcap] U [/dropcap] Unknown to many scientists and practicing physicians, there is nearly a century of data revealing the effect of diet on cancer diagnosis and treatment. More recently, preclinical and clinical data have been confirming this effect. Most notably, the potentiation of radiation therapy and chemotherapy via carbohydrate restriction and intermittent fasting is currently being assessed in clinical trials.


Some data has even shown that it may reduce side effects of current cancer treatment. The potential metabolic treatment and management of cancer is an exciting new area in the field of oncology. This presentation will discuss the connection between cancer treatment and diet by highlighting both the historical data and Dr. Champ’s research in the field.
Dr. Champ is a board-certified radiation oncologist and assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He researches cancer treatment as well as diet and nutrition and has been invited to lecture on the topic around the country and world. He is one of the few physicians invited to present academic Oncology Grand Rounds as a resident, an honor usually reserved for experts after years or decades in the field.

While only a resident, he published over 20 peer-reviewed articles, started a health and fitness website and company, and co-hosted a podcast that was top-ranked in the U.S., England, and Australia. He has been featured in the Boston Globe, The Gupta Guide with Sanjay Gupta, the National Cancer Institute at the National Institute of Health, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology newsletter, to name only a few.

During his medical training, he created Cavemandoctor.com in an effort to simplify the complex aspects of evidence-based medicine for the common reader.

The website quickly gained nearly three million readers. He is considered an energetic voice in the field of medicine as he adamantly emphasizes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, he practices what he preaches by stressing a healthy diet and lifestyle for both his patients and himself.

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