Peter Yankowski Artwork

Peter started his career as a full time artist aged 26 back in 1989. Soon he ended up having to diversify into things like, community arts, mural painting, teaching, filming and photography. However now aged 53 he has made the decision to exclusively create visual arts as a full time artist.


This page showcases some of his shamanically-inspired artworks. You will find links to purchase them as A3 prints or as beautiful decorations to coffee mugs, we absolutely love his work, there is such deep meaning and resonance for us here at werone that we offered to promote them while he establishes himself.

"Lately world wide and local issues have influenced my work, particularly the themes of conflict, resistance, identity and technology, but I've made a conscious decision to move towards creating new works inspired by ancient pre-history, revolution, identity and nature". ~ Peter Yankowski

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Shamanically Inspired Coffee Cups

All these cups are designed along my current theme of 13 shamanic inspired artworks. At present there are 5 cups and I have nearly completed 7 designs out of the 13. The artworks are available as either a Cup or a high-quality fine print in A3. Prices and Shipping are below:

Coffee Cups: £10.00 each
A3 Fine Print £30.00 each


Peter may be contacted at his Facebook page:


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Peter Yankowski Artwork

Cosmic Henge- A3 Print (£30.00) Cosmic Henge- Coffee Mug (£10.00)


Cosmic Henge

The symbols in this painting are from ancient stone carvings that are up to 5000 years or older. Over the last eight years I have visited many of the hundreds of ancient monuments of Albion (Britain), and from an artist’s perspective, have carried out much field research for my paintings, working with our ancestors connection to the stone's and the land.

This body of work is created from direct experience and has triggered off a sense of awakening deep within my creative consciousness and being.

I have decided to create 13 pieces of work in this style, using ancestral symbolism and magic. Up to now I have done 7 pieces of work and this artwork below (The Triskele Dragon) was finished in July 2017.

Peter Yankowski - Triskele Dragon

Triskele Dragon - A3 Print (£30.00) Triskele Dragon - Coffee Mug (£10.00)


Triskale Dragon

The Triskele's earliest creation dates back to the Neolithic era, and it can be seen at the entrance of Newgrange in Ireland. We had just come back from visiting The Uffington White Horse and I felt inspired to paint my version of the white Horse, envisioning it as a dragon,
combining the trinity of the spirals and the ancient petroglyphs from Albion.

Part of this image was painted whilst at Preston New Road Anti- Fracking site in the polytunnel of Maple farm nursery. It was getting late and the air damp so the paper and paint cracked a bit, but I think it maybe adds to the spiritual impact of the design, so let it be.

Peter Yankowski - Shamanic Bee

Shamanic Bee - A3 Print (£30.00) Shamanic Bee - Coffee Mug (£10.00)


Shamanic Bee

It has been mind blowing thinking of Bees pollinating flowers and food, making them incredibly important to the ecosystem of natural life, as well as thinking of their ritual flight paths, how they work together for their colony and how many times we mention the word “BE” in our daily life. Words are magic and the more we mention a word the more powerful it is. These creatures are not only fascinating and essential to our well Beeing, they are also shamanic.

It’s at times like this I really value being an artist, it’s in my meditation and the accompanying creative process that enables my mind to decipher ideas and pattern. Blessed Bee..

I did not know before starting this image that there is such a practice as "Bee Shamanism", one of the most ancient and enigmatic branches of shamanism.

“It exists throughout the world--wherever in fact the honeybee exists. Its medicinal tools-- such as honey, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly--are now in common usage, and even the origins of Chinese acupuncture can be traced back to the ancient practice of applying bee stings to the body’s meridians.”


Bees are amazing, I found a book called 'The Shamanic way of the Bee’ by Simon Buxton, and have been reading it. The quote above is from the book. It is very interesting and apparently there are magical Bee keepers who paint petroglyph symbols on their Bee hives, and the way of looking after bees has been very shamanic throughout history.

Peter Yankowski - Dragonfly Dream

Dragonfly Dream - A3 Print (£30.00) Dragonfly Dream - Coffee Mug (£10.00)

Dragonfly Dream

Dragonflies are beautiful creatures, that have a magical transformation after two years as a Water Nymph (lava). During its life the Nymph catches and eats small live prey at every opportunity, moulting from 5 to 14 times until it is fully-grown. The fascinating thing is that if they lose a limb during times between moulting, it grows back, in their next cycle of being.

Again I am envisioning a pattern constellation of ancestral petroglyphs, as a dreamscape around the dragonfly, which is perched upon a piece of 400,000 year old ‘Emmer’ Wheat. As of yet Emmer has not compromised by Monsanto’s GMO genetic interference, and can still be bought from specialist suppliers such as ‘Shipton Mill,’ so it can be made into dense textured bread, reminiscent of the way of our ancestors.

I would imagine after life in the water for two years or more, the Dragonfly darting about the sky for its next 4 days of life, would seem like a spiritual experience and the things it would see may seem magical.

I believe that the ancient petroglyph symbols may well have been decorated, with colour applied with a twig, a bit like the aboriginal paintings of dreamtime. It is my feeling that these symbols may be a language to resonate with the soul, a language that is felt rather than interpreted in terms of modern language. They are symbols that our ancestors left to remind us of who we are and out connection to the land.

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