Werone Private Herbal Health Trust

Werone Nutraceuticals was Founded in 2010 with the belief and aim that we should draw upon knowledge of the ancients in particular ayurvedic and chinese knowledge of life philosophy and medicinal herbs and combine this with recent understanding obtained from scientific research. Our logos echo the ancient roots of the eastern Lotus Flower known for it’s many healing properties and used in our ATTAXA anti-tumor nutraceutical and the above image is the more native ancient Celtic Triskelion symbol which echoes the many trinities, their separateness yet all being connected.

Werone is constantly referencing medical journals, merging the best of east and west and following the instincts we all have inside, to provide unique remedies, especially in ways that have not been done before and which has highest potency.

We believe that we need to start living in harmony with the earth and to find a way to bring organic permaculture concepts into farming practices but ultimately we need to find a way for communities to regain access to the land to aid our self-sufficiency and bypass the uncaring corporations.

Cities and their use of monoculture farming and it’s practices of using untested chemical pesticides which contaminate crops, rivers, fish, bees and humans shows they have little care for fragile habitats and for future generations.

We believe environmental contamination of water, sea, air and the food supply along with stress is actually creating many of today’s diseases and needs to be replaced by an organic more natural-based model. We need to move away from reliance on high carb factory processed foods and excessive meal size and move towards food choices and preparations closer to our ancestors, incorporating more wild foods.. eating less, slowing down, fasting regularly and when we do eat, we should eat more healthy saturated fats, low sugars and simple carbs and have a narrow eating window to help keep us leaner.. but not forgetting the value of coffee and chaga!

Werone’s mission is providing, improving and optimising nutritional supplements, using innovation to make us a premier supplement provider. We know how the right nutrition can help you perform better, think faster, live healthier and feel better inside, which is why we design and formulate our own supplements based on current research and science.

As each generation lives longer, while facing the increasing pressures of modern life, we feel it is important to optimise healthspan, living not just a long life, but one of vitality. Nutrition plays a key role in health-span but invariably requires higher levels than some of the basic RDA’s.

Our range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbal extracts, probiotics and more use optimum levels of ingredients to maximise effectiveness providing value for money without compromise on service and quality.

Quality Assurance
We understand how important trust is when deciding where to purchase your supplements which is why Werone Nuraceuticals is committed to ensuring quality is at the heart of every process. No one cares more about our supplements more then we do, which is why we work closely with our suppliers to ensure quality standards are adhered to.

All finished supplements will proudly display clear nutritional information, ingredients, elemental weight of minerals and active content of extracts as part of our full label disclosure promise, we wish you the greatest of health and thankyou for choosing Werone.