There is no word for cancer in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Since the ancients didn’t have microscopes, how could they know about cancer cells? This is why you won’t read about cancer in the annals of TCM. But, and this is most important, you will find exact protocols for treating Zheng Jia [癥瘕] (abdominal masses).

TCM doctors have historically recognised ‘cancer’ as several distinct diseases rather than a single disease. It’s Ironic that modern medical research is beginning to take a similar view.

There’s no doubt that cancer, by any name, is well known and well documented throughout Chinese medical literature, as TCM doctors have been dealing with it for millennia. Drawings of tumors are found on turtle shells and “oracle bones” dating from the eleventh century B.C. Medical texts dating from 200 B.C. offer detailed descriptions of tumors and their causes.

The causes may sound odd to us, but the ancient terms, while describing the condition, also imply the needed treatment.

The diagnosis of “Accumulation of Toxic Heat and Phlegm“, for example, instructs the doctor to use substances that ‘Dissipate Accumulations, Detoxify Fire Poisons, and Transform Phlegm. That’s an ancient treatment plan for cancer.

Eastern medicine is about seeing and remedying what is out of balance, so that ‘dryness’ is moistened, ‘cold is warmed, and ‘heat’ is cooled.

Of course, today’s practitioners have a more complete view of cancer. Our training now includes both ancient and modern knowledge. Most patients are undergoing Western treatments simultaneously, so that we are further educated by our practice.

We’ve learned to complement Western oncology by supporting conventional treatments. We can ease nausea and fatigue from chemotherapy using Huang Qin Tang (HQT), this has now been proven in studies to protect and heal the GI Tract aswell as reduce systemic inflammation and increase Chemotherapeutic efficiency as do Medicinal Mushrooms.

To Clear Heat and Phlegm and Raise Qi we also have tinctures.

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