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    BiohackIT Quick Start

    Using the BiohackIT tool helps you identify key genes which are known to typically either over-express or under-express for particular health concerns and by using our search tool, you can find nutrients or methods which may help influence the genes in the right direction towards achieving balance.

    You might even discover supplements you are using which are working on the concern's targets in the wrong direction. Here's a quick step-by-step on how to use it. A more advanced tutorial is below.

    [ To Learn Basic Cell Signalling you can work through this Course or Watch some Video tutorials ]

    1. Select Your Concern

    1. Click the 'Concerns' button on the bottom left of your browser as shown in the image.

    2. Study Map & Targets

    Read the 'How to Use' then click Concerns again and choose your area of interest, this will load the pathway map showing common regulation targets (scroll down to see it).

    3. Decide A Regulatory Direction

    3. Above the map you will see the relevant therapeutic targets for the concern and the required direction you need to regulate the pathway   [ to Inhibit ],  [ to Upregulate ].

    4. Search A Gene Pathway

    To Search, click the Pink 'Find Pathway' button on the banner which launches the floating Pink Search Box. (you can move this around if it is in the way of the page underneath)

    Now enter your Target, eg: PTEN in the Pink Search Box to find nutrients (Gene Regulators) which will regulate that pathway in the same desired direction.  When you search you will first see the Gene pathways explained, this is worth reading for insight.

    The Regulators / Nutrients show up further down the page. By clicking each pathway link in the Concerns / Targets menu you can read & learn more about the targets and examine the map to see if a clear pathway is being created with your chosen  targets towards apoptosis in the case of cancer and viruses.

    5. Need A Fast Short-Cut?

    If you need answers fast, we have provided a shortcut protocol for each concern with nutrients which may help you in the right direction towards your targets,  should you wish to use them, we mark it as  for each concern, you may need to scroll down a little to see it in the window.

    6. Search Gene Regulators

    You will now have seen every instance of PTEN highlighted on the page in Pink or Orange  (eg. 'PTEN', Tumor Suppressor -  to upregulate /activate . which if you look at the map, PTEN inhibits AKT / which might then lower the resultant dis-eases shown on the far right of the EBV map into the Search Box, but as PTEN is sometimes disabled, you may need to ALSO target the next downstream pathway which is AKT/ P13k.

    The PTEN Pathway or Gene Regulator / Ingredient in this instance shows up  'Ashwagandha', keep pressing ENTER for more and more matches, you may need to scroll up slightly to see the compound's name.

    Often with cancer the tumor suppressors (PTEN, P53) are either not working or absent, so targetting the next downstream target such as P13k/AKT is a wise thing to do as extra insurance.

    eg: Ashwagandha; P13k/AKT , so do a search on what compounds might inhibit that target. You will find Reishi, Melatonin, Green Tea and Curcumin to mention a few.

    7. Make Notes & Study

    Make a note on paper of each gene you discover which you have a target match on, whilst being aware if it is inhibited or activated (upregulated). It's a fairly logical process, but to help in understanding of cell pathways you can read our Biohackit Strategy Notes and also the following tutorials[ Cell Signalling ], work through this [ Course ] or watch some [ video tutorialsThis is important to ensure you are using the regulator ingredient in the right direction for your purposes.

    8. Links to BUY Ingredients

    Should you wish to buy that ingredient, there are links to our shop at the top of each ingredient labelled BUY. Some ingredients will be in combined products and some on their own. We hope you really benefit from the use of BiohackIT!
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